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I went on a club trip recently and had forgotten what they were like. The leader had a 4 person fly from a Spectrum dome tent for the rest of them. As I was an ...
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theres jetboat servies that take you to and from the head of both lakes, one way to explore deeper into the park and save time
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2 days: Motutapu track: Walk into Highland Creek hut and back to the Wanaka road end. Mt Brewster.
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Hello ktselner, Great Barrier Island has some really special walking tracks through regenerating native forest, to natural hot springs and there's walks to suit all levels of fitness. It is easy and safe to hitchhike ...
if you;re on facebook i'm waynowski
Morena, Gaitors, ended up getting a Mantis 2 ... mostly for motor cycle touring and will use a 3m x3m tent fly over bike and tent . Cost $299, roll on summer! Looking at back country ...
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Checking out a club is good advice. Organised trips. Support. Companionship. Shared car pooling. Access to areas the general public can't usually get to. Join a club that has a tramp programme that looks ...
I was down there both previous Xmas's and saw snow both times. Its not that unusual
Yep, the WTMC meets in the same place as the Tararua Tramping Club (nearly every Wednesday and Tuesday respectively). It's in the TTC hall, near the end of Moncrieff Street, Mt Vic:,+wellington&ll=-...
Hi Brenthen, I'm Wellington based too. I second Geeves' suggestion about checking out some of the Wellington tramping clubs. Each club has a unique culture so I'm sure you'll find one you'll like.
it would be cool if you provide some screen shots of it !
I bought a goretex something or other from snowgum today. hopefully it keeps me dry, testing it out on Friday.
Hi Helen, sorry to hear of your loss. Good that you enjoy walking - it can be a great way to set aside time to think and progress emotions. I'm new to the forum here ...
Thanks for the nice information IZOGI
Thanks for the warm welcome! I will check out the tramping club site!!
Hi, with a whitewater kayaking background, I'd just like to say that it is a very good idea to up your swimming skills, maybe even learn some basics about self-rescue in swift water with a whitewater ...
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Me too. Modesty isn't a useful attribute but I try not to offend (sometimes). I don't think we should leave nudity to the pin-up girls so I don't duck in to the shower to get ...
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Thanks for all of your comments, will have a good read and decide on some options. Have just completed the Kaikoura Coast Track (with teenagers in tow) and found that light weight (but they carried ...
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Hi Linda I do alot of tramping in the wairarapa and around NZ. I live in the wairarapa and would be happy for you to join in on any of my trips.My number is 0274797219 Trev
A few favourites of mine: Pararaha Stream in the Waitakeres west of Auckland, Rangitoto Island, Mt Karioi near Raglan, Pureora forest or Pirongia forest, anything near Tongariro.
One of those walks you enjoy more with hindsight, and it was totally different to anything else in the vicinity.
Winter on the Tongariro is in my opinion the best time for the experience. Snow and ice add another beautiful dimension to the volcanic alpine environment, with a fraction of the number of visitors summer ...
Do you have any idea of the name of the hut in the gorge? Sounds like a fun challenge to get to one day.
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If you were in Gisborne before going to Waikaremoana you could think about squeezing in a trip to Mt Hikurangi. Could you do your profile so we can 'meet' you?
I've gone down the true right a couple of times and this is what others say too. On Freshmap, there are quite a few bluffs evident according to the pattern of the contour lines.
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