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Well, I can't believe I'm asking this question, but I haven't stumbled on the answer in all my research, so here goes... 1) It's cold & rainy; you've finally arrived at the hut. You and all your clothing are soaked. 2) Not a swank Hut like the Milford; assume a hut with no changing room... 3) Boots off on the porch, then you go inside, only to find a bunch of people already there. 4) Gotta get out of the wet cold clothing, which means a complete strip-down. 5) Don't want to do it horizontally, enclosed in your nice dry down bag... What's the polite solution? Striptease? Seriously though; I wouldn't want to cause an international incident, or scare a couple of pre-teens or little old ladies. So, what's the accepted procedure?
Change clothing in the toliet, then quickly run back to the hut.
Most huts have bunk rooms, if you indicate your in there to get changed they usually clear out, or don't look, after that, all responsibility for irreparable traumatizing outcomes sits with them. I remember a similar discussion years ago about divers getting out of wetsuits at beaches and on road sides. I guess we had car doors to hide behind most times. Though a few of the young woman I dived with nearly caused car pileups on several occasions.
I went for a scan at the hospital a couple of years back and had to remove my trousers. The nurse asked me if I wanted a robe or something. I said "No thank you, I am a tramper". She said "So am I", we started a conversation and she has since joined the tramping club. I think you can get away with a bit more at a hut than you might in the main street. I often quickly change from my longs into my shorts at the road end. Some of these places are reasonably public and it has occured to me occasionally that I probably wouldn't do this if it wasn't a tramping trip. At the end of a club tramping trip some years back we arrived at the end of the trip early and the transport hadn't arrived. It had been a cold and stormy day. We strung up a tent fly and everyone clambered under it to change into dry clothes. I recall there was quite a bit of nudity in that process but everyone was more interested in getting warm and dry than anything else. You won't cause a scene in the hut I think if you are quick and discrete. Sometimes the ladies on club trips might just ask the gentlemen to avert their gaze for a second or two, and we are all gentlemen so we do and it isn't a problem.
I have to laugh. We've got a gay guy in our club and an Asian lady. On a tramp, she began to change in the hut and said, "Don't look, don't look!". He said, "she just doesn't get it, does she?". I've been known to change under my silk sleeping bag liner. Most of the time I just go for quick and discrete though. I don't mind them seeing but I'd hate to offend them though... Kayers seem to be the least inhibited when it comes to public changing!
Thanks all. Figured it would be a common-sense "avert your eyes" approach, but I wanted to be sure. I think most huts have some sort of porch, right? Often covered? That would probably be a decent option as well, weather permitting... So...what's a "Kayer?"
I think he means kayaker. Honora's remarks remind me of a story told at our tramping club many times of a trip (I wasn't there) which required a deep river crossing. While people were stopped, preparing for the crossing, suddenly this voice started yelling "Don't look! don't look!". Everyone of course looked to see what the comotion was, only too see this particular woman crossing the river completly naked with her pack on her head. This woman has a repution for being caught in compromising situations a little more than might be considered mere coincidence.
Most of the huts i visit are a bit smaller than my woodshed so being discreet is difficult however like blood in the water to attract a shark, pause and worry and you make a target of yourself. Just go ahead and get it done most in the hut will be busy organising themselfs to worry about you. I have found Central europeans (Germans and Danes etc) to have the least amount of concern. Can be testing at times choking on a hot cup of tea isnt pleasant so be as quick as you can.
Personally I would have no issue if a young hot female german wants to get change in front of me...
Funny, I hear all these stories about German woman but despite an extensive tramping career I have never been blessed :-(
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