Ideas to help bring the weight in my pack down

Hi, I am looking for some ideas on bringing the weight of my pack down. Have recently finished a three night, four day tramp in the Nelson Lakes District and struggled which wasn't fair on my group. As well as working on my fitness I want to bring the weight of my pack down and make it more enjoyable not only for me but also the group I go with. It's probably more to do with equipment rather than food - but will be working on that too! Look forward to your replies and ideas, thanks! We go where there are huts if that makes any difference to your suggestions.
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There is a website you can go to with some lightweight gear for sale - i Even has a tent weighing 370g!
Interesting, unfortunately their website doesn't appear to work, maybe it's my computer............who knows? Works fine for me!
Works fine for me too now. Sorry, should have updated that. Thanks
Cool site. Great information. I've got a MontBell Hexagon. It doesn't breathe too well but apart from that is nice and light. I had to modify it i.e. add guy ropes to the fly at 90 degrees to the guy ropes they already had (theirs were parallel to the pole). This modification serves to pull the walls of the fly out which in turn pulls the walls of the inner out as well because the fly and the inner are now connected with velcro at the guy attachment point. Without this modification the inner billowed inwards.
Hmm...$440 for a 500something gram water repellent bag filled with 800 loft down that is rated as very comfortable as everything stretches. Wonder how that would stack up against the Go Lite Ultra 20 quilt. Probably warmer for a start.
Thanks for all of your comments, will have a good read and decide on some options. Have just completed the Kaikoura Coast Track (with teenagers in tow) and found that light weight (but they carried our packs for us - ohhh the luxury!)
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Started by mejules
On 27 November 2009
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