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Have a good study on the net about what you need to know about choosing a boot that fits well e.g. some people have a low volume foot and others have a high volume foot. ...
I did this trip a while back and enjoyed it. Moa Park has sub-alpine vegetation which is unusual for such a low altitude. The huts were good. We eschewed the Abel Tasman track itself and ...
Regarding getting information on who owns what land: Freshmap do a Cadastral map add on. I think it cost me around $100 for the South Island and I had to double my RAM. It's good ...
Apparently it's the seventh steepest climb in the Tararuas (according to some old codger I met once)
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No worries I'll post it in tracks and routes as soon as i get a chance.
Hi everyone. Flying from Milford Sound to Matin's Bay early next March. Any suggestions about flights, or is there just Fiordland Air?
The info I am after is the section: Ignimbrite Saddle - Junction Top - Waipakihi Hut. Is there a passable trail? Is it possible to take a helicopter to fly from trailend (Kaimanawa Road) to trailhead ...
I am of interest in the loop: Holdsworth - Mid Waiohine - Maungahuka - Mt Hector - Southern Crossing - Kaitoke Holdsworth. How many days will it be for a slow tramper (just wanting to ...
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