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Hello everyone. Well my post will look pretty much similar to others, but isn't that a place where such questions should be asked? Me and my wife are coming to NZ at beginning of Jan'13 (hope everything will be ok in Dec'12 ;) We are looking to hiking/ tramping possibilities in South island. Looking at tourist offers (commercial hiking trips) they seems really overpriced vs what we have here :) maybe they are not but I do not know. But thy provide almot all the gear. However going on our own doesn't look safe if we want to see some really good scenery&nature. Maybe someone can recommend where to look? Some hiking tours? Or how to search for a trip? Or cooperate with somebody? So many opportunities... I'm lost actually :( We'll be located in south near Wanaka and Hokitika from appr. 9th of Jan till 18th. With some pre planned rafting and canoning to happen. Ideal trip one 2-3 days trip and couple of 1-day routes. We are 28 and 25, in good physical shape with small previous tramping experience here in Russia. I would really appreciate any advices regarding the tramping itself and what to do/see in NZ ? Thx in advance.
department of conservation great walks, best quality tracks, other people around you need to book those tracks in advance there are numerous other DOC track that are relatively safe over summer. look up the website and email them for more information
The Department of Conservation has a large office in Wanaka with heaps of information on the surrounding area. You'll be spoilt for choice talking to the staff in there. You can't go wrong with the Rob Roy 1 day walk up the West Matukituki. There are 3 huts further up the same valley which you can stay at if you want a longer trip. Mt Aspiring hut is straight forward to walk to, its about 2 hours further up the valley from the turn off to Rob Roy. Liverpool hut and French Ridge hut both require a long hard climb to reach but are not difficult for the physically fit. Heres a website to get you started: Im not familiar with West Coast tracks but you can start researching here:
Thx for the links! They are quite useful. How about commercial hiking tours, do they worth the money?
I have never used commercial hiking tours but from what I have read on the internet they do seam to offer a great service for the money. My opinion of them are that on the main tracks that offer commercial tours (The Routeburn, Milford and Hollyford) you certainly do not require their services to walk these tracks. Mt Aspiring Guides in Wanaka also have an excellent record but it is more for people who wish to do alpine climbing.
the guided walks on the routeburn, milford and hollyford charge extortionate prices $400 a day.. and you are still carrying a reasonable size pack, have to take all your clothes, water, and food for a day.... DOC clip the ticket from them as well as part of their fees, a DOC worker told me DOC made "a lot of money" from them. you're paying for a guide, a glorified hotel in the bush that attracts higher fees because the supplies have to be helicoptered in... carry a few extra kilos. cook your own meals and save yourself $350 a day, more if you're camping...
Many thanks for comments. Am I understanding right that Routeburn, milford and hollyford are in Wanaka area? Few extra kilos when thinking as additional air luggage (e.g. tent, sleepbags, etc...) doesn't look so easy&cheap to manage. Is there any possibilities to rent an equipment in NZ for the reasonable amount of money? Especially tent and cooking appliances?
The Routeburn, Milford and Hollyford tracks are in the Te Anau area, so no, not really Wanaka. You can rent equipment in NZ. Theres an outfit in Wanaka called Outside Sport who do gear hire:
Pretty useful site. Thx a lot. Looking at map I can figure out we'll be near Mt. Aspring national park. Can you recommend some 1-2 days tracks there?
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