Proper Hut etiquette

Well, I can't believe I'm asking this question, but I haven't stumbled on the answer in all my research, so here goes... 1) It's cold & rainy; you've finally arrived at the hut. You and all your clothing are soaked. 2) Not a swank Hut like the Milford; assume a hut with no changing room... 3) Boots off on the porch, then you go inside, only to find a bunch of people already there. 4) Gotta get out of the wet cold clothing, which means a complete strip-down. 5) Don't want to do it horizontally, enclosed in your nice dry down bag... What's the polite solution? Striptease? Seriously though; I wouldn't want to cause an international incident, or scare a couple of pre-teens or little old ladies. So, what's the accepted procedure?
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You cant make forts with only two mattresses...
You can do a basic fortification wall with just two, block off a corner or something :)
walk on quiet days with the hut to yourself and three mattreses on top of each other and its almost comfortable.
bigpaul: Just to comment on what you've said "If you notice something in a hut that the next person could fix make a note here the next person through may be able to make a contribution" Also if it's real hut damage (which probably isn't exactly what you were referring to), it's also worthwhile to notify DOC once you get back, and take demonstrative photos if possible. They like photos. It probably depends on exactly who you get and perhaps the conservancy, but stuff will never get fixed if it's never reported to people with the best resources to fix it quickly. I've done this a couple of times in the past year or two. Both times DOC's been appreciative and responded very quickly. When I reported a leaky roof at Penn Creek which someone had helpfully left a now-80% full bucket underneath, the eventual DOC guy on the end of the forwarding chain exchanged a couple of enthusiastic emails with me to get more information, described back to me almost exactly what he thought the problem was with the joints on the roof in far more detail than I ever could have appreciated, and was out there in the next few days packing whatever he needed to sort it out. If we'd done nothing but write a complaint in a hut book about a leaky roof, it would've seemed pointless and sort of silly in comparison.
Well, I'm a German woman (living in NZ since 96) and I have never understood the issue with getting changed. Do it quickly and discretely, and anyone having a look has themselves to blame. I have also never encountered anyone making a fuss about it. I always find people doing a dance behind sleeping bags/liners/towels etc to be attracting far more attention than getting on with it. Same goes for our children who we teach to change just the same way and not worry about others.
Siiri, yes you are quite right. This thread started off with a concern that there might be those in huts who would be offended by people changing, then went on to refer to those who might be more exhibitionist in nature. Fortunately both types are rare in the hills and I suspect that most of us would be of the same opinion as you.
I've got a word on this - I shared a fale with my Mum in Samoa while on a budget holiday... I don't mind someone getting nuddy in the corner, but, a very clear, loud and in advance communication of: "I am GOING to get naked, I will TELL YOU when I am decent again, LOOK AWAY" Then NO ONE gets upset.
Trampers are real people and not members of the pc crowd in town. They dont look at other people and criticise. If your worried about changing in a hut face the bunk Then noone can see anything important.
I find generally seems to be based on what culture you originate from. Those that have some european background seem to have less hangups about exposing themselves and those of a british background are very conservative. This is generalising of course but its amusing to note. I am really more from a british heritage and have been brought up to self conscious about nudity and having been in europe i gathered the idea that a greater population density meant you were never long out of view of others. What does it matter i suppose. As long as others keep their hands to themselves.
I find Age a great leveling factor. Not only are you too tired and aching to be interested in anything other than getting comfortable and a cuppa but there is a tendency to not really care what others think so you just get on with life.
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