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Hi guys What websites do you find helpful with your trip planning? I've composed a list and put it on this site as an article. Some of these sites are particularly useful for around here in Christchurch while others are good for all of NZ. AA road conditions: Tony Trewinnard's ATS WX page for 12 day forecast: Tony Trewinnard's ATS wx page for 2 day forecast: MSC Avalanche conditions page: Castle Hill Web Cam: US Navy Wx Maps: ECAN Rainfall table for Canterbury: Met Service High Country: Met Service Extended Mountain Forecast: Met Service 7 day Rain Forecast: Ski Field Conditions: Snow Forecast: Soft Rock Wx Station: VUW Forecast ThumbNails:
awesome, good idea. Thanks
No other contributions? I'll add the DoC website for hut info. Not that it can be relied upon... for the West Coast- Huh? What can't you relie upon on the DOC website it gives some basic track info and all the hut info, nothing wrong with that.
Just a quick check at one area - the Waimakariri area. These are examples of huts I actually know enough about to say the DoC info is inaccurate.That's a known error rate of 6%. It's probably double that... East Hawdon Biv showing old bivvy and stating has heating. New biv there for about 18 months and no heating. Old bivvy had no matresses but website states has matresses. New biv has mat tresses fortunately. Lagoon Saddle hut has no bunks. It has just 4 walls and a floor Michin biv has no matresses North Esk hut has been removed Poulter Biv: old bivvy shown. Replaced around 18 months ago. Now has matresses and toilet. Says the Upper Deception hut has no matresses. Doubt it!
Thank goodness we have the Remote Huts website!
There was a survey on the DOC website done recently. It was advertised in the May What's Up DOC newsletter. But the link doesn't work now. Presumably this was a precursor to updating the web site. One thing I recall putting down was the difficulty in finding things by geographic location and gave this site as an example of how it SHOULD be done. I guess the accuracy of information is always going to be a problem. I found the times given for some legs of my Urewera trips to be quite misleading. I supose allowing user input would be the best way to fix those sort of things.
In the top of the South Island, where I tramp, I use DOC's Nelson/Marlborough alerts page on Anyone who would like to see photos of the area (including hut photos) may like to have a look at my gallery at And then there's my blog, of course, at Happy tramping everyone!
Interesting site Skylark, was reading your bit on Lake Chalice and how it is the only lake in the Richmond range. There is also only one lake on the Southern mountains also, that is Lake Alexander in the headwaters of the Waihopai valley. It was also made by a landslip. Actually I am wrong, Just remembered that Fish Lake also flows into the Wairau but its more in the headwaters..
Funny you should mention remote huts I spent a couple hours on memory map looking for all the huts, time to get a helicopter. One hut was down in some gorge with hardly any easy access or recommended!
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