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I like the spag bol. The cooked breakfast is also good, if somewhat heavy on the sodium.
Now is a great time to purchase any maps you need for your summer adaventures. We sell the full range of Topo50 and Topo250 and Marine charts (however some have not made it up onto our ...
I have a brand new pair of LastRite Tramper boots lovingly hand made in Whangerei, all yours for only $235 They have been worn once around the block, so my wrong size is your good fortune. ...
Yeah I understand all that, just wasn't totally what i was looking for. Definitely more for hunters. $175 is a steal for someone!
I guess it is a principle thing if nothing else. DOC could easily set prices based on demand and save taxpayers a heap of cash, or have a tiered system (like airlines) so that those ...
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Hi We have a link on each of the tent pages to click on which has a lot more technical information, see below, this is above the video and above the pictures Poles are 9mm or ...
I remember it as a great place to be there, are so many options even if the weather is bad. I have tried Rabbit pass twice many years ago and turned back twice. One trip ...
Hi all. An Aussie tramper has written an outdoor gourmet cookbook that might be of interest. She's crowdfunding printing costs. Half way there with 6 days to go. Check it out:
PLB is taken, still got the tent and the air mat.
Available new from Macpac on sale for $350 (plus shipping):
I have a pair of top of the range Meindl tramping boots I would like to sell.... they were half a size too small - ouch (physically and financially!). Their only use has been 8 ...
Ever wanted to Hike or Fish the Hollyford valley, Fiordland?? Plane leaves Glenorchy airfield for Martins Bay (lower Hollyford) friday 20th March. We`re Hikers looking for 2 People to accompany us on this flight (reduce ...
still for sale?
Hello all, I'm wanting to combine some tramping and kayaking and looking for a Pack Raft, any help, ideas, suggestions or sellers : ) Thank you Andrea Txt 0221321948
Hi there, I was wondering if this item was still available? TW
Its blocked to prevent spamers harvesting addresses but there is always a way eg nota dot real at addrees dotcom or a written cellphone number like otwosevenetc
Hi, I am also interested in that watch for tramping and diving! Where about do you sell it, if it happens to be in christchurch I could save you the postage. Let me know (021 17 ...
Yeah, id be interested. peteratzonebluedotorg
Or perhaps an albatross?
I agree size up half a size and if you have very wide feet. dont buy them, you won't fit them, my feet are on the wide side, i can fit half a size bigger ...
...and? book about self powered trip by a couple of amateur adventurers from the top of ruapehu to the top of mt cook.. I've read it and it was a great read, down to earth with ...
Too many boots, wife has noticed, something's gotta give! Here's the Trademe link: Happy to sell direct assuming nobody has placed a bid - contact me at jag420 at xtra etc.
Hi Yes its small enough to post. Item has been bid on so pls check trademe link
What are the make and specs?
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