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Hi Guys I am excited to announce free product testing option for one person who would like to use one of Brubeck thermal tops and thoroughly review it here on forum (photos, pros, cons and general opinion on product). Briefly about me :-) My name is Kasia and i am traveler, mountain climber, hiker, diver, adventurer, the list is long :-) I started Globewalker online shop 4 years ago in Australia and I am excited to supply my amazing products to New Zealand as well. The product I import are designed and made in beautiful, cold Poland. I represent Malachowski Alpine Workshop, a company that has been providing down mountaineering products to world most famous mountain climbers (down sleeping bags and down jackets, suits and pants). I also represent Brubeck, which is one of the world highest quality producer of Merino blend thermal underwear, Athletic sportswear and extreme thermals. After amazing reviews in Australia i am excited to introduce both brands to New Zealand. Feel free to ask me any questions in regards to Malachowski or Brubeck products as well as free product testing. Here you can shop for Brubeck and Malachowski gear. Cheers Kasia
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Hi Enbee Please text me your address and I will send you a swatch of fabric. 0423497533 Malachowski makes 4 different sizes, including small and made to measure. The reason for it is to minimize heat escape around the chest area. Some people need bags to be wider and shorter or other way around. With new version Ultraliht 300 II (the white one) (and new Climbers II) panels are designed to allow extra room for hips, knees and feet, with smaller upper area. With buying bag I recommend looking at chest measurements as the main reference. I am always happy to exchange your bag in case you find the size not perfect. Kasia
Hello Hutchk I have in stock Climber 800 M and new version Climber 800 II sizes L and XL. The new version is much advanced in construction, with more roomy panels in hips, knees and feet area, DWR coating and better Rip stop fabric. I am selling Climber 800 M bellow my cost as i am updating to new version. I won't be able to provide other sizes with such a small price, sorry guys :-) I am happy to negotiate Climber 800 II to the price $579 (only 1 L and 1 XL left in stock, waiting for my order to arrive). Cheers Kasia
Hi JETNZ I asked the same question about the white colour! This bag was designed as they special product for ISPO. With the white you can see the whole construction inside! It is quite interesting how it is made actually. Malachowski sold out both 300II and 500II literally in 5 minutes to all their stores around Europe. I was lucky to receive few bags only. I am hoping they will make different colour next. But i haven't received any confirmations yet. Let me send you a swatch of fabric. It is really quite impressive. Cheers, Kasia
Hi Enbee With calculating the actual weight of the Ultralight 300 II bag please add 180g for shell to the actual weight of down. Malachowski also puts 50g more down in XL size. With other bags please add 200g for the shell. Hope that helps. Kasia
Is it possible to get an idea of shipping to NZ (SI & NI) without going through checkout to find out? Using the NZ "What's My Duty" estimator, a sleeping bag worth AU$440 imported into NZ will cost NZ$102 in duty and GST...
@kasiapilch thanks for your reply - that's getting a bit rich for me, I'd probably be looking at over $700 NZ landed. Great products though - have saved your site for future reference.
Hi JETNZ I can offer you discount on Ultralight 500 II to cover some of the cost of duty. I will be looking at other options how to lower the cost of shipment to New Zealand in future. I would love to travel more to New Zealand myself.
Hi Hutchk Thank you for your interest in my products. I will keep you updated on any special promotions and new products.
@kasiapilch thanks for the offer, I'll be interested to see the new colours as they come in. White is probably not my first choice.
Thanks JETNZ, I will keep you updated about new products and colours. Kasia
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Started by kasiapilch
On 8 December 2015
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