Pot belly stove wanted

Anyone know of a pot belly stove going spare? Must be dismantlable & carryable. We can discuss price. For a good cause. PM me if you prefer. Can collect from anywhere on the route between Auckland & Cromwell week of the 2nd June
@madpom: do you know about Freecycle? You can sign up with them and maybe someone will have one to give away. The stuff on there is given away for free so it's great to get rid of things you no longer want but like to think someone else can enjoy them. One category is broken stuff where someone will happily pick it up for spare parts. My sister sold a potbelly stove but realised to her horror that the buyer just wanted to have a plant growing in it. That stove used to get the room up to 35 degrees with 6 pine cones and a horizontal flue!
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Started by madpom
On 20 May 2016
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