1/2 price gas

29/1/16 Torpedo7 has 230g Net canisters of 80/20 but/prop in their Christchurch store at Club price of $4.98 vs $9.99 regular. Kathmandu currently lists theirs at $11.18, down from $13.98. Happy trails !. http://www.torpedo7.co.nz/images/products/T7C6GN5C4XX_zoom.jpg
Ta :) There must be over 200 of them between 2 wire crates
note its butane not isobutane. No good if winter comes
There's no doubt that iso-butane has paper benefits over butane at lower temps but they are exaggerated for general use in winter in NZ. Interesting reading http://bushwalkingnsw.org.au/clubsites/FAQ/FAQ_Mixtures.htm
Ive had a kovea lantern stop working due to the temperature and it hadnt set a frost on the ground at that point. A thing not really mentioned in that article is that as the gas boils it lowers the temperature This means that even at 0 to 5 degrees the canister may be below the vapour point resulting in very poor performance. 2 ways round this using this gas. First and best is a stove that has a remote canister and a generator over the burner. On these the canister can be turned upside down so no evaporation occurs in the canister The stove receives liquid fuel. These stoves are quite a bit heavier so not for the ultralights. Other way is a stove that reflects heat down on the canister. You need to warm the canister before use and may need a windscreen. If using a windscreen keep an eye on canister temperature.
@geeves, all very true :) For most trips I use an upright Vargo Titanium cooker but anything outside in winter, especially above the snowline, I use an Outer Limits Huntsman for the very good reasons you outlined. - Pre-heater tube & remote canister (which is kept in an old Lowe closed cell foam drink pouch) Admittedly it is heavier but it has always performed well. However my reading of the article was that once the temp really starts to drop iso-butane offers no staggering difference in performance, and the treatment of the canister/fuel delivery would be be equally helpful for butane or iso? It also seems that a canister with a 80% butane/20% propane mix will behave better than an 85/15 or 90/10 isobutane/propane mix? So up to a point the more expensive propane is just as critical. Given that some manufacturers don't display their exact percentages then the use of isobutane could be nothing more than marketing in some cases perhaps?

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Started by Pro-active
On 29 January 2016
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