Khullu Yak Wool Baselayers

Hi I have spent the last 7 months developing Khullu, a high performance outdoor clothing brand. This started once I got back to NZ after a 3 month trip through Mongolia and Central Asia and got the idea to use yak wool. At Khullu we use yak wool from the Tibetan Plateau that is sustainably sourced from yak herders. Yak wool has superior qualities when compared to merino (Yak is 40% warmer, 65% more breathable and softer). Our first product is a long sleeve 1/4 zip baselayer (190gsm 50% yak 50% merino) and we plan to develop a complete line of clothing in the future. Khullu is a niche brand developed for trampers, skiiers, snowboarders, mountaineers, climbers, hunters and adventure travellers. Our products are designed to outperform what it currently on the market, as well as provide a reliable source of income to yak herders on the Tibetan Plateau. We will be launching a Kickstarter on the 14th of May, and being a Kiwi myself, I want to have as many people in New Zealand wearing Khullu as possible. I would love to hear from you and if you are interested you can read more at Thanks
From his website The Unbeatable Warmth of yak fiber is the result of millions of years of evolution in the most extreme and unforgiving environments.
Yeah, that makes sense. The developer wants lots of Kiwis to wear Khullu products because the developer is a Kiwi too. No doubt it is a fine product. I've got yak wool overmitts - a bit like the old Dactsteins - and they performed impressively i.e. kept my paws warm on an intensely cold day on the Pancake Range and I wasn't wearing anything else (on my hands).
I like the look of this

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Started by Khullu
On 1 May 2016
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