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    blogger that ha ha ha, couldnt resist, sounds like a good idea..
  • Calls to close access to the Waitakere Range

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    There's an MPI response from today's show at
  • Army tragedy on Mt Ruapehu - new details revealed

    You make a good point there wayno. Likewise izogi.
  • every dollar counts I suppose The dam is an irrigation scheme The Selwen will be restored by taking water out of an irrigation scheme but even then 44m over 100 locations wont even get a ...
  • Tongariro rescue

    extremely lucky to have cell phone coverage, thats the exception rather than the rule in the mountains
  • Four trampers overdue in the Tararuas

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    Ive seen things in the papers here and thought Im sure I read that here first
  • Woman survives freezing night lost on Mt Ruapehu

    Could have been forums shortest thread ?! Sorry.
  • National wants to destroy conservation land

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    The Green Party press release, quoted in the original post, eventually links to the Govt action plan - The pertinent pdf pages are 28, 29, 33 & 40. It's easy ...
  • Mt Fox incident

    It was the Mt Fox a little south of Fox Glacier. We have a bit about the route on this site.

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    Now here's a good story - many moons ago I had a car which was going through the oil like one thing. Scrap value only. But then it got stolen ...
  • ruataniwha dam appeal

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    Meanwhile Sir Geoffrey Palmer, who knows a thing or two about constitutional law, is constitutionally outraged at the suggestion that the government might change the law to get around this ...
  • Hut Bagging Rules- a dilemma

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    darken the door might not be the idea when you arrive in darkness
  • missing person on mt Taranaki

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    I'd suggest it was a mis-quote, but given he works for Stuff that possibility seems less likely. I'd love to see the comments in the moderation queue for that article.
  • Tongariro NP Parking

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    Yes, but let us not lose sight of the clever decisions by both local and central government. They can now claim as more shuttle services are required that they have ...
  • Native Affairs – A warning to Tongariro tourists

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    Heh. It's not too distant from the truth, really. We live relatively peacefully but only so long as there's an ability, or diplomacy, or a total lack of interest to ...
  • Drones to spread pest baits?

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    Predator drones would fit the bill and get the job done a lot faster. Maybe the US airforce could use bait spreading as practice for their real task
  • DoC to charge visitors more on Great Walks

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    doc are supposed to charge a penalty fee for people turning up without a booking and its double the normal fee, although in bad weather i've seen a ranger let ...
  • Mt White Station Sale

    "Pastoral Lease is a _permanent_ entitlement" Ok. I was aware that I was oversimplifying, so I'm pleased to see you pull me up on that. The lease is a '33 ...
  • Remarkables National Park ... FMC

    the heliskiing companies operate in there as well.
  • Wilding pines

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    abel tasmans problem is a drop in the bucket of the NZ wide problem isnt it? a lot of paid and volunteer labour working in a relatively small park, compared ...
  • Now they want the Wangapeka

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    well cyclists see a different part of nz, if they dont get off the main highways thats what they will see, there are various tourist routes that are now crowded ...
  • funding from tourists

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    insurance co's tayler the cover to the country of travel If there is ACC then accident cover is removed If a country covers all claimers you can bet the travel ...
  • new barier fence at Flock hill

    Divisive high country fence likely to get ratepayer funds following delay
  • Govt accepts bid to protect pupu Spring

    Govt accepts bid to protect famously clear Te Waikoropupu Spring in Golden Bay One of the clearest freshwater springs in the world could soon be protected from commercial ventures. Environment Minister ...
  • 80% native birds threatened - commissioner

    The report's at I've just finished reading it and it's mostly a good report, imho, especially on the state of birds. The strange part is conclusion 10.6 (border levy and increased ...

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