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  • Fiordland or Nepal??

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    nepal is better, i think
  • What's this hut on Mckellar Saddle, Caples track?

    I think DOC put in a couple of small huts for their track workers when they were working on the track through there. There's a lot of boardwalk over the ...
  • A call to 111 will now automatically locate you

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    footage of cell phone trial
  • DOC's 'Moa Town' plan doesn't fly
  • DOC to get $76 million boost in funding.

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    $11m just sounds like a lot to me, especially as booking systems are hardly a new thing. It's not as if they're inventing something that's never been done before. It really ...
  • Myrtle rust carnage

    I'm a little surprised there wasn't already some kind of seed bank for native species. Maybe there will be in future. Edit: a reread of the article and to be fair ...
  • Mountain man mourned

    Thanks for posting this wayno. I didn't know Eric well, but I recognise the face and I'm sure we crossed paths a few times. Sad to read of him passing like ...
  • DOC incidents and abuse

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    Didn't see any mention of DOC workers being smothered by bureaucracy.....
  • stewart island

    I freakin' LOVE Stewart Island! And now that I'm going to be based here in Invers for the next few years, there's a distinct possibility that I could end up ...
  • Powell hut to be replaced

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    @wayno Too true! It's often said that once you get good at the Tarry's everywhere else is more fun. :-)
  • Hunters versus DoC In Court

    In contravention of Section 23 (c) of the Wild Animal Control Act, which obliges DoC to consult with recreational hunters on such issues, DoC made a unilateral decision in 2014 ...
  • Great Walk hut/camp site Fees Increase

    All the new prices are here:
  • DoC puts up hut fees on NZ's Great Walks By Grant Bradley The Department of Conservation (DoC) will increase charges for huts and campsites on some of its Great Walks which are sometimes under strain from a surge in the ...
  • Bolger's comments on Cave Creek

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    Yes it's effectively a list of secondary causes. It probably doesn't match those identified exactly in the report, but it's a similar principle. I'm not sure how reasonable it is to ...
  • Kawhatau Base road access closed

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    I think the law's inconsistent around this. If it were private property being blocked off, the Property Law Act has an entire sub-part about land-locked land. It enables owner or occupier ...
  • Man uses 20-year-old beacon to call for help

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    " no longer need help and turn it off SAR will still come for you as they have no way of knowing whether you turned it off or it stopped ...
  • FMC website

    Yes I really like the very active FMC at present - as you say lots of lobbying and speaking out, and doing a heap of representation.
  • 'Brazen' thieves steal fireplace from Marlborough

    i think they mistook it for a giant bong and decided to liberate it...
  • A Preventable Death in the Young Valley

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    We probably all remember the first time we learned in practice that a broken black line on a NZ map was absolutely no guarantee of a safe passage. It's at ...
  • NZ hunter adventures

    Boy you guys covered some good ground during that episode TararuaHunter.
  • pseudonyms or `trail names` on the Te Araroa

    Yep. Yet another example of dumb-arsery.
  • Te Araroa : Upgrades planned, charges considered

    For the many thousands who've done the PCT at least once, the TA is a very attractive next challenge. And now the global community is aware of the TA I'd ...
  • Outdoor clothing & microfiber marine pollution

    Well! There's always naked tramping I suppose. Not quite sure what one would do for warmth.
  • 1080

    Check out PAPP. VERY excited to see this getting used in NZ; targeting stoats! AND there's an antidote! :)

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