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  • Fiordland or Nepal??

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    I'm not getting a guide. Not this time. But it looks like I am meeting up with fellow trekkers, so that shall suffice. As a medic, if I have the ...
  • 1080

    i'd read that was what was being touted for Stewart islands, to make it pest free segment by segment by using geographical areas where they had a short line on ...
  • new lake in Tararuas

    Not sure, its been a few years since I have been up the river.
  • Outdoor clothing & microfiber marine pollution

    Next step is biodegradable products. Im surprised they havnt already go this way considering the number of people still using gear 5 or more years old. Just think of the marketing ...
  • Mountain Incidents

  • Fox Glacier body, 2 March 2017

    Identification of body found on Fox Glacier Wednesday, 15 March 2017 - 4:49pm Tasman The human remains found on Fox Glacier on March 2 have now been formally identified. They belong to Cynthia Charlton, ...
  • Overdue but no emergency

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    The way I was thinking is that if you know a search is starting to look for you then setting it off is only going to assist that search to ...
  • We are not visitors

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    And then in the NE of Yorkshire you have 'trods' which are the old trading routes. They are paved with flag stones so I guess we are unlikely to have ...
  • Tongariro NP Parking

    Cheers Briar. That's good info to have.
  • Suggestion.....

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    Now you've got it! Tramper NZ ta moko! :D
  • Strategic review of Tongariro Alpine Crossing

    heavy thunderstorms forecast for the crossing this afternoon with hail... this could get interesting...
  • Record trampers putting pressure on DOC

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    I have been there twice overnight and both times bikers were tenting but using the hut. I wonder if it may have been the fact that they had lugged one ...
  • Saving Native forests from logging

    It must make them feel good that the forests are still standing and attracting tourists e.g. Pureora. My sister hung out with NFAC back in the day.
  • Incidents in the mountains

    Interesting about getting lost as opposed to stopping and retracing back to where you weren't lost: Frank and I were coming down from Worsley Pass to the Poulter years ago. I ...
  • Wild Camping in national Parks

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    I wouldn't have minded paying either @Ian_H but all booked out when I wanted to go... very weird it's signposted 'Howden Campsite' and no mention of it being called that ...
  • New Zealand's Great Tramps

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    ........ or economists with financial crises.
  • Norovirus heads north

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    Bleach (chlorine) is the stuff to kill Norovirus if you're disinfecting surfaces / hands.
  • Sylvia Flats

    If sand flies are your thing deepriver I don't think you will be disappointed in the Upper Hope. Incidentally there is another hot spring at the Half Way Hut in the ...
  • Should NZ's Great Walks be privately-run?

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    Very thorough and timely article. Funny, Frank and I were on a track yesterday and we were surprised to see signs that others had been on it recently too - ...
  • shelter expectations in NZ..

    Last night I made a mistake as the forecast was for NE winds and rain in Auckland. Assuming the West coast would be relatively sheltered I walked into Pararaha valley ...
  • Wanted: Solid navigation training!

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    Rogaining can be a good way to practice navigation, especially at night. It can require repeated navigation decisions every 5 minutes, as oppposed to every 5 hours sometimes when tramping...theres ...
  • River crossing practise locations near Chch?

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    Well, it's been raining today so it wouldn't have run. I see it's for current members. If you sign up hastily, hopefully they will allow you on the course!
  • Outdoorsman Alan Simmons fights DoC campfire prose

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    It's a big problem in the USA as conifer roots can catch alight.
  • Emergency shelter, the experiment

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    Yes, I noticed I didn't get an option for the sizing. It's on its way...
  • Wanted: River crossing practise on short notice!

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    Didn't feel condescending to me by the way, just a misunderstanding.

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