What other kiwi tramping forums do people use?

This one seems pretty quiet these days, and spam often dominates. Where do you go to ask questions about NZ related tramping topics. Cheers from Dunedin.
There's a NZ FB one which I joined up with but it would be hard to find archived topics so it doesn't suit me. Things here are under categories which is really good. Also the quality of input is a lot better on this site. There are some very experienced experts responding to posts.
thats a weakness of facebook. It seems to go out of its way to stop you reading old posts. As for this forum it is run by one person as a volunteer project. I assume he has been very busy with work and family.
It's a shame, forums are a better format for in-depth conversation, archiving information and more considered input (I notice on facebook groups, responses to things I ask are often barely relevant). But the low traffic and high spam on this forum mean I visit less and less frequently. I've noticed the same on a lot of forums online.
Even on facebook the amount of spam is astounding. On the page I look after Ive taken to declining membership of every application from facebook accounts less than 3 days old. Over the last month thats close to a thousand applications of which every one included a viral video of some sort. Cut my workload by 2/3
Yeah, this is a really informative & useful website (I've contributed quite a bit considering I'm not a kiwi) but the spam has become a real problem. Perhaps Matthew should consider enabling a handful of moderators who can assist in approving/locking bogus accounts and deleting obvious spam posts. I note that bushwalk.com has much more traffic than tramper.nz but spam (almost) never surfaces.
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Started by James the Giant
On 10 November 2022
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