Rakiura National Park Visitor Centre

From memory are gas canisters available for sale at Rakiura National Park Visitor Centre? Phil
I think there's a Four Square supermarket still there. Give them a call, I'm pretty sure they have gas canisters. 03 219 1069 https://www.foursquare.co.nz/south-island/southland-and-stewart-island/stewart-island Rules on flying in with gas canisters seemed to be that you could take them on the plane if you were flying direct from Invercargill to one of the beaches such as Mason's Bay, but not if you were flying into the Oban airstrip.
Thanks Ian will check it out. Phil
They have gas canisters at the 4 Square although on our last visit they had none due to supply chain issues. Also the backpackers had plenty of gas canisters from people departing the island by plane. Furhana of Ruggety Range also sells gas canisters if there's no option but the backpacker ones were free!

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Started by Kickinghorse
On 21 August 2022
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