Army tragedy on Mt Ruapehu - new details revealed

Apparently there are new details on Ruapehu's largest tragedy: 'Some time after the pair left - the newly released, ­partly name-redacted Court of Inquiry documents reveal - "Corporal J [Jaggard] absolved himself of the leadership responsibility at a time when it was most required".' Haven't seen the released report yet, I'll do some digging.
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an official investigation was conducted after the incident. it was headed by Graeme Dingle. he said the gear they had was adequate... but they shouldnt have been where they were in the conditions... it was hard icy condition and hard to dig into, and extremely exposed to the high winds that funnel over the summit plateau in a storm. on the south side of the mountain. there was deep snow where George Iwama dug a snow cave and waited out the storm until it died.
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