Hidden hut in Tararuas

Wondering how many hidden huts there are in Tarries. Found one and looking for others. Would be nice to know how many I have to go.
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Waitarau is easy if that's the one you mean. Waitarau can be reached via a 4wd track from the Akatarawa saddle or on foot up a good track fromOtaki Forks. Its right on the track. The other hut in this area is the Snowy which is already well described in this thread
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@si-dog, Wilderness Mag had a good write-up with enough detail to locate the wreckage. Hutbagger, WTMC and TTC also have write-ups that provide additional info to assist location without revealing the exact location.
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@wekawootararua interesting comment on page 4. I haven't heard of Weasel creek biv. That must be on one of the streams coming off the true right of Ngapuketurua stream, in line but not on the same side as, Taramea isn't it?
@AndrewTaylor - see this write-up: www.pntmc.org.nz/Tonys_Tararuas/Mangahao.pdf "Ngapuketarua Stream, or Weasel Creek" - apparently its the same thing. I cant even find "Rabbit Flat/s" marked on a modern topomap. Assume its in the area of Mitre Flats/Pinnacle Ridge/Totara Flats hut based on some vague descriptions though. It may take a rifle thru some old maps to track this area down.....
Rabbit Flat Hut is bloody disappointing. It's just the derelict hut / campsite in the Ohau about 300-400m south of the Gable End Ridge junction. Details can be found on the Hut Bagger website. I took a photo of it when i went past a year or so ago - https://flic.kr/p/2kgC8np
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