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I saw countless people lining the streets on January 22nd, in silence paying their last respects as the funeral procession drove by
When you sign the contract you become a volunteer worker and therefore liable to the same h&S as regular employees
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'Holy Rock'...... Which was graffitied. As an Aussie who has done many of the more well-known walks in Australia, I have my own views. They involve respect, but pragmatic respect. That goes not just for ...
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@ Madpom, i totally agree with the sentiments of the other forum users. Your ‘maps past’ website is excellent, as is the ‘route guides’ site. I sincerely appreciate your wonderful efforts & contributions to our ...
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As a snorer, I'm gonna have to check out this snorex. I've been known to sleep in the woodshed if I realize it's going to be one of those nights where I'm going to snore. ...
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Really looking forward to two weeks in march in the south island with my wife and two children, 6 and 8 yrs. We have planned 3 different tramps in the Kahurangi, 1 or 2 days ...
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She seems most likely from Shaw's list, but has it been confirmed that one of the other named Green MPs isn't going to be Minister of Conservation? I wonder what it'll mean for the Conservation portfolio ...
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Ok let me elaborate, First I was looking at Milford Track (although not sure about the flies and the rain). Then I started to consider Routeburn Track but the pass might be closed/dangerous in the winter, correct? Lastly ...
@izogi yep, that's the one
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Mt. Owen is on my wish list so haven't been there yet! Having said that, have watched a few youtube videos and prepared a trail. Definitely taking the Northern route on my first visit.
A new tool coming online from MSC. Could be handy.
To anyone offended by my comments, please accept my apologies. Goodnight.
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My Koro used to take me up the kawhatau for fishing trips since as long as I can remember. Pitching the tent and spending a weekend. We would walk for what seemed like hours but ...
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maybe this contractor is on a work visa and thinks milford road is the track
1 2 The Department of Conservation (DOC) says its vehicles have been tampered with in what's thought to be an effort to intimida...
Yes, the stations were intended as a source of funding for the University of Canterbury. I've been reading a wee biography of Perrine Montcreiff. She bought a few reserves with her own funds including the reserve ...
He's having a break from the forum. Sometimes people need a bit of time out.
To echo something I've just posted into Wayne's NZ Tramping News group, I've looked up the LINZ data. I'd assumed that the park boundary was State Highway 1. According to the Primary Parcel Database, there appears ...
The website states up to 8 hours before needing to be re-charged. Bit difficult in the middle of nowhere and no electricity supply. Curious about how much weight the electrics add to the garment? Don't ...
Not sure if that's going to change anything as the volunteer hut wardens are only at each hut for one night in the week that they walk the Travers Sabine circuit. Unless they will have ...
Izogi has a good one
There's an MPI response from today's show at
1 2 The dam is an irrigation scheme The Selwen will be restored by taking water out of an irrigation scheme but even then 44m over 100 locations w...
extremely lucky to have cell phone coverage, thats the exception rather than the rule in the mountains
Ive seen things in the papers here and thought Im sure I read that here first
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