Hidden hut in Tararuas

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Wondering how many hidden huts there are in Tarries. Found one and looking for others. Would be nice to know how many I have to go.
As a community how much information do we want to share about hidden huts? Remember these forums are open and searchable.
https://hutbagger.co.nz/ is a good repository to search...
@Matthew, I like the protocol that @madpom used in the description of Snowy Hut at https://tramper.nz/7864/snowy-hut-snowy-river-hut/ ie. Giving non-specific advice on location, but also noting "The well-established tradition is NOT to publish the location of this hut. I'll respect that - and hope others do too. That leaves everyone with the interesting challenge: to find it!" Really each hut is its own thing, though, and maybe judgement helps. For some it's potentially more appropriate not to make too big-a-thing about them at all.
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people usually want hidden huts , hidden for a reason... thy will be someones favourite quiet hideaway, the last thing they will want is the location broadcasted on the internet. then you get the problem that people want to go there because they think it will be quiet, but publishing it on the internet can have the opposite effect, a lot of people want places away from people and are looking for them but in the process of getting the information on the internet, they attract a lot of people looking for a peopleless place too..
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I know the rough location of 2 huts. One already mentioned plus one I dont even have a name for. I believe there is a third one further north as well but I have not visited any of them. Then there are huts like the hut river catchment area emergency hut which although its open you are not meant to be in that area overnight.
I will respect the protocol set out above here. Hutbagger is an OK source but seems a bit inconsistent as there are many Tararua huts (even official ones) missing from there. The one Geeves refers to is Upper Hutt hut - marked & named on maps as such, There are two marked as buildings on the map but not named. I've been to one, but not the latter (yet!), There are another two that are current DOC biodiversity huts, in the area of YTYY that I havent been to yet but they should be baggable in one weekend trip, There is one in the area of Angle Knob - I still need to get to that, I have otherwise bagged three others (beware, there is some false location info publicly available on another site on Thornhills hut - which I suspect could be deliberate). There is reportedly another one, which is also in the Waiohine area, which I need to get some more info on to locate. So thats about 9 unofficial huts that Im aware of - of which I've bagged only 4 so far (argh!) Happy to provide more detailed info by message if required - as I think that if you are keen enough to get there and bag the hut, I'm happy to help with that. cheers!
Thanks guys. I very much respect the tradition to keep them as 'secret' huts. I'm going to enjoy the challenge of finding them......
It's Eastern hutt hut. Not upper hutt hut. It's a very well preserved 6 bunk nzfs hut and an easy day walk there and back from kaitoke.
Island forks, snowy River, and punga huts and Jack's biv are easy huts to discover in the tararua.
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