Documents leaked to National suggest DoC shake-up

Documents leaked to National suggest DoC shake-up is on the cards The document, which National passed on to media this morning, outlines a number of draft recommendations from the Options Development Group – a body tasted with reviewing conservation policies. The group has recommended that the Conservation Act be reviewed and replaced with a system which better honours Te Tiriti/ the Treaty of Waitangi. It also asks that the Government reforms all conservation entities, including DoC, to better reflect Te Tiriti partnerships, and that the Crown revokes its ownership of indigenous species.
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having vehicles go to the summit especially on mt eden is incongruous. theres so many people on foot on the road and its so narrow , it was dangerous especially with buses. i've seen someone driving up the wrong way, because they couldnt be bothered to go the other way and they ignored me when i told them it was the wrong way... too many tourists. they were never going to be able to maintain the road, it was eventually going to fail with teh load from vehicles.
Not enough info to draw any meaningful conclusion.
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On 9 May 2021
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