Inspiration for Breakfast food

I find that i grow weary of eating my usual "Pog" with added fruit and nuts for breakfast while tramping. I also like a bowl of 2 min noodles for breakfast but need some new inspired meal ideas. What kind of food do you like for breakfast meals while out in the great outdoors?
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dehydrated rice???? Isnt rice always dehydrated?
Its made by Back Country Cuisine, you literally add hot water, wait about 3-5 minutes and eat, no cooking required. If you dont want to boil rice for 5-10 minutes and sit to stew this is the stuff to use. Hey, rice has bugger all nutritional value anyway so your not losing anything good. It tastes just like rice, not so starchy though. I wish Id had this rice in the army, you used to cook your food with heximine cubes, it took 4 cubes to cook about a cup of rice because there is bugger all heat coming off them.
About 10-12 years ago you could buy "3 minute rice" at the supermarket. The rice had been cooked and then dehydrated, so it literately only took 3 minutes to rehydrate the rice rather than the 15-20 minutes cooking of normal rice. These days it's been replaced by those flavoured precooked rice sachets that you can chuck into the microwave unfortunately.
brown rice has reasonable nutritional value, full of b vitamins. but takes longer to cook
"What id really like is bacon and eggs, but who can be farffed carrying a frypan and ingredients." Ahh the fry up, yea you will get a few funny looks in a tramping hut haha add sizzlers to the mix for a bit of extra fat (and who knows what else..) Staple diet if you can heli drop :D but I have carried em before just to mix it up. I carried the eggs in the carton with paper towels around em, 2 days walking, all goods We would do meal night when we tramped as kids around tongariro and stuff, butter chicken was my thing. Carry the chicken breast in frozen, frozen cream, rice and all. Simmer it on my msr, no worries. It was ok if you ate it on the first night, but I don't know how long it would keep..
I was happily tucking into some fresh cooked steak, mashed spud, peas and gravy one time at Boyle Flat hut....the look of envy and lust on the others peoples faces was priceless. I only carry stuff like that if it is 4 hours or less from the road end now, just not worth the extra weight if your on a multi day tramp.
saveloys but you need to have tomato sauce with them
I think Ive just been put off breakfast. It wasnt the savs either Each to there own
I've heard of people using oven bags to cook the porridge in to save having to clean out the pot.
hey thats a mint idea, do u think the bag could be re-used or would you just bin it?
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