Hidden hut in Tararuas

Wondering how many hidden huts there are in Tarries. Found one and looking for others. Would be nice to know how many I have to go.
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Also see this thread from 2014. https://tramper.nz/forums/thread/3703
Browsing the latest rendition of topo50 in the Tararua I see it's showing an unlabelled building roughly in the vicinity of Snowy, although I don't have my notes to hand to confirm if it's exactly where Snowy Hut should be. Is that new? I don't recall the building being there before and I think there could be a few concerned people if they realised LINZ is advertising where it is.
I havent checked prior Tararua maps - but yes, you are correct Izogi - that is the actual location of snowy. Waitohu is similarly marked on the maps, although that latter one is a lot easier to get to.
Yes that's snowy
There are currently 12 unofficial huts in the Tararua FP that I have been to (3 DOC bio huts & 9 pvte) . If you include Putaputa stream hut in the GWRC Kaitoke catchment that would make 13 unofficial huts currently in existence in the Tararuas bagged by me. From the comments above it would seem that people are not aware of the pvte huts on the western side. Keep exploring.
Hmmm. I've recently become aware of one that may still be around, in the Tauherenikau..... I've also heard of one near Spion Kop. The latter one at least is western for sure. Am I getting warm....?
Didn't Joe's biv get removed or is it still there?
DOC bio huts: 3 - Jacks Flat - Mid Otaki - Island Forks Unofficial huts: 7ish - Joe Gibbs Memorial - Punga - Snowy - Thornhills/possumers - Waitohu lodge - The one in the Makaretu? Would you classify it? - One near Spoin Kop? What are the others?
Im pretty sure Joes Biv was the upper tauherenikau. That was supposedly removed. Would love confirmation on this point however. Jacks Biv is the one in the Waiohine. Where is the Spion Kop one? I keep hearing rumours about this one. Is it on the top, or in the river/s below? Other ones I have just heard about: Pig Flat hut - seems to be fairly accessible from yes, Pig Flat. Camelbacks - there is apparently a hut here? More info on these would be most excellent
I don't know exactly where the Spoin kop one is. i haven't heard about the camelbacks one. Is that on the tops? I have also heard a few rumours about the pig flat hut. Look at this link and go down to the comments: https://trippytramping.blogspot.com/p/unofficial-ta.html?showComment=1553202319534#c6739915488225623591
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