Couple of glitches

Hi Matthew, I've noticed "favourites" is not working and that "comment and delete comment" are playing up on photos. I'm using a Chrome browser on a pc.
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I'm using internet explorer from work. When I click there is no response or nothing happens pretty much.
Kia ora @bernieq, Great. Yes I noticed that too. Will work on that.
Hi Matthew. Clicked on Berend de Boers name to bring up his 'mail' link, but the page won't load. Works okay for other names I've used to check with.
My name doesn't work because it has spaces in them. Names with spaces don't work.
Thanks I'll look into these. Replicated the MSIE issue.
@giuseppe23 is your issue resolved now?
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@Matthew..just tried one now...looks that is working at moment!!thanks a lot.
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@Matthew when trying to link related info I get a stack dump of text. This is still happening as I just re-tried linking two of my Hohonu Range photos as related information. I wanted to do this because the second image is referred to in the text of the other photo.
@glennj, Hmm is it gone now?
Matthew, Yes it has! Thanks. Just tried again and successfully linked the photographs I wanted linked.
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Started by glennj
On 23 November 2018
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