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Exactly. Check my contributions page, and you'll see 2 gpx files for George Sound there.
Looks like a bug to me! I'll look into it.
I have posted updated rules effective immediately. 1) Several typos fixed. 2) Clarification note on offensive language. 3) Added "Failure to seek moderation" rule.
I note that logged in users are sometimes getting the logged-out home page. I'll look into this -- it's not an intentional change.
Many thanks! Mail sorting is working too. Great stuff.
Now I'm getting Avanti ads. Go figure ?.
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One other update I missed: If you have a web page open, you should stay logged in now. Your browser pings the server every minute, maintaining your session. On donation: Yes that would ...
Hi Matthew, Nearby natural water source covers things well and would be a good field to have. BTW yes I do think a stream is a water body, a moving one. ...
That cleared it this time
I see from time to time we get double ups of threads about the same hut or track. It would be good if posters could check that a thread on ...
I use a tarp when fishing up in ferocious sandfly country. The little b's go to bed at night so I sit close to a fire until after dark and ...
Hi Joel, It's best if photos related to a hut are actually of a hut. I have removed the ones that are not (you can do this by editing the hut ...
Have a look through your cookie list sometimes. You will be surprised whats in there. All ads show in a frame and the frame still loads and if its accompanied ...
The use of pounds and ounces was also a bit of a red flag.
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Success! Not part of the game, just testing.
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Thanks Matthew, I was getting withdrawal symptoms! lol
I think topology data can be integrated fairly easily. This is an example of a map style that has contour lines and hill shading: I don't think OSM itself has topographical ...
Hi everybody, In today's update you can now associate GPX paths with tracks. Just upload the file first, then edit the track and choose the paths. Note that the path won't ...
Thanks for that matey. Got a few other huts I'll add as well.
hi mathew, hows internal messaging coming on? can you email me please hughvannoorden(at) h
thankyou. Great place!
Great stuff Matthew. Keep up the fantastic work.
Hi, The session expiry was actually 10 minutes, which is lower than I thought it was. I have pushed it up to 30 minutes. In regards caching the form post, I think ...
Thanks mathew
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