Is check-in broken?

Hello. A few minutes ago I tried to add a check-in for Snowy Hut. I set a date, added some short notes, and clicked OK. Then the entry screen vanished and no check-in was visible, including after a page refresh and also not on my profile page. Can anyone else confirm if this is a bug? I'm presently using Chrome 71.0.3578.30. Thanks.
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I wonder where our esteemed moderator is. Maybe hes completely locked out as well
Kia ora koutou, So sorry about the issues in the past six days and that I didn't catch it sooner. I hope the issue is resolved now. Here are some technical notes for any who want them :) This website was using "secure HTTP-only" cookies across the board. HTTP-only cookies lock out JavaScript access. These don't work for maintaining your login as the browser needs to be able to read the cookie -- my mistake. However, apparently these cookies were working anyway -- I assume browsers were ignoring the setting for short-lived cookies. I'm not fully clear on why different browsers struck this simultaneously (unless they were all Chrome on different devices). But anyway... is it working for you? Matthew
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Yep, working on samsung browser and on chrome (whereas it wasn't working on either). ..... and thanks for the fix.
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Started by izogi
On 10 April 2019
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