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Hi Matthew, On a Samsung S2 tablet (samsung, firefox and chrome browsers), the header menu is not well formed (grey bar, not content,except Tramper in plain text)- although the rest of the home page seems ok. Some mucking about and I can see an expanded text list of the menu - in some pretty funky colours. I don't know when this issue started as I've been in the wild for two weeks. It's not happening on a Samsung S5 phone (and, yes, I have restarted the tablet).
Actually, the same occurs on my Win10 desktop using Chrome or Firefox.
I've had similar issues with the Menu button as well... it's not dropping down which means I can't log in. Matthew provided a direct log-in URL but even logged in, my profile does not display... clearing caches etc and running updates has not fixed the problem yet. Using Chrome and Safari, both having issues.
i cant get the menu button options, chrome, windows 10
Hey team, So sorry about this. Is it working for you now? I will be adding JavaScript error logging to the site so that I get better visibility of faults like this.
No, menu issue is unchanged for me. However, I have only now been able to open the home page (after a day of the site being inaccessible).
I get this: refused to execute script from '' because its MIME type ('text/html') is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enable To be honest: this site is down a lot. I suggest you add some cheap monitoring like so problems get noticed a lot earlier.
Working now. Thanks, Matthew.
Working for me too. Thanks

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Started by bernieq
On 24 February 2019
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