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Great stuff Matthew. Keep up the fantastic work.
Hi, The session expiry was actually 10 minutes, which is lower than I thought it was. I have pushed it up to 30 minutes. In regards caching the form post, I think your browser (Chrome?) is doing ...
Thanks mathew
Hi everybody, Thanks for feedback everybody. I have updated to proposal here with changes to navigation and waterways. On navigational grades, it's worth noting that the gap between 1 and 4 would not really be...
Hi Matthew, I've tried posting a long post from the home pc (win7, chrome 36) and it posted fine. When I tried the large post earlier in the day it was from my work pc that ...
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Matthew, Spent lunchtime looking through the discussion document on track grading. Far more interesting than what I was supposed to be reading! I agree with @hutchk's comments. +1 on the donations box. I have seen ...
OK I think this one is fixed. The pagination links were faulty. Sorry about that.
Hi I think this is fixed. Basically, it was skipping the first point.
Hi Hugh, The reason that the image appeared huge is part of my repair work. When you upload an image, a whole slew of different sizes are generated automatically. This was taking too long, resulting in ...
Mathew - both photos were intended to be 1750x 655? high quality jpgs. problem may have something to do with cross links or circular? links in 'related information' if you can delete them - I can repost. I ...
Your second link is to a redirect page, which redirects to an image. Try clicking it. Your URL has to end in jpg, gif, or similar.
Hi, When you click a photo you should go to that photo's page, like this one: . Down at bottom left you should see buttons marked "Edit" and "View revision history". "Edit" is the one ...
Hi @izogi, I can tweak the closure timeframe. Open to opinions on this. Not strongly attached to 14 days.
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Hi everybody, This topic ceased to be constructive today. I would have closed the topic this morning had I had that option. I have spent the evening implementing topic closure, and consequently I am closing this ...
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Sounds good
Absolutely. I've been meaning to add shared articles for ages. I might get some time this weekend. On track sections, that's not forgotten. Coming soon.
Hi @glennj, fixed. However I expect this needs a more thoroughgoing investigation as it keeps coming up. I'm on it.
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"Yes. That's long overdue, isn't it? I'll put that on top of the list. I have some time next Monday to sort things out." Sweet!
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Actually, I'm wondering if the scheduler went on holiday. I just forced them to be processed and all worked fine. I will check the scheduler out. Anyway, yours looks good now.
Wot Damon said - perhaps my original post was a little vague (this has been know to happen)
@Izogi - Idrisi's VARcost lets you do this. Specify 4 files: 1) A raster showing your start point (every other point '0') 2) A raster showing your slope 3) A raster showing the direction of maximum slope (uphill) 4) A ...
Thanks for the offer. That project's a recurring thing and I'd need to get that project back in my head again. I've been trying to tune it roughly to the rules in various Tararua Hutbagging ...
Thanks Matthew - I should have tried that before crying out. All good now.
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thank you for all the help :) i thought some people had asked me to IM and they left a number so I was confused. my they left phone numbers? I don't think IM is ...
Hi @Matthew, When I select "Stay\Campsite" on Chrome 34.0.1847.131 m, running on Win 7, and have cleared the cach, I get the following: The following information is meant for the website developer for debugging purposes. Error Occurred Whil...
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