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Whilst I like option 1, I'm unsure about option 2. If you do this, how do I check easily which forums have now comments on them? Do I have to ...
Thanks Matthew - all looks good.
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Great! Adding photos will be there very soon. I am sneaking away tramping this weekend, but hopefully Tuesday.
Further changes / fixes: * relabel hut "bookings" as "bookings and fees" * error where no location specified * relabel forum search as "search forums" * html in description fields now appears on screen. ...
Thanks for the feedback. I agree. Best to leave as is. I will follow up on the new topic button. By the way, I shifted the jargon from "thread" to "topic" ...
That would be a good change to get started putting segment routeguides in. Cheers Matthew.
No the elevation wouldn't matter much in a locator beacon.
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this is typical asking about an area in general. especially on the more generic routes. the information has been posted before that will asnwer this question you get repeats of ...
Agreed. I'll look into it.
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When you want to add an article, a third-party "WYSIWYG editor" is used that lets you make paragraphs, bold, bullets, and so forth. This editor is not compatible with later ...
Neat. Thanks.
This is done. Also added CC0 -- but read about what it is before using it.
I have a Nikon AW100 with GPS – works well. Battery life : the camera can be set to GPS-tag ON or OFF. If OFF, battery life is unaffected. If ON, ...
Notice that the paging in the 'Huts' section under 'Related' does not work. e.g. Place: Tararua Forest Park. Shows the 1st 30 of 49 huts. But you click on '2' for the ...
From memory you need to type in the month and the year that you walked it, so for example: March 2012 Theres already a Hollyford track entry but to be honest ...
Thanks! :)
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You were right it is just a bug! This morning the glitch is still there when using Microsoft's browser but the problem is not there when using Chrome.
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G'day Norm, yep it does, but I don't post very often, and only have a quick look when first go online, then turn the site off so lots of things ...
Matthew,I`ve re-sized pics & they still won`t load.The text appears & I get an `error` message.One message said my memory in Java was used up.How do I rectify this?
Please - can you add the year to the date for replies.
Matthew...what on earth is happening to this site...?
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No worries, geeves. It didn't make sense with the spam deleted!
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Ha ! :))) Just noticed the date of the original post - 2009 ! I see that 'campsite' is now an object type. Still, the search idea is a good one, IMO.
Hope all is well Matthew and I'm sure you've got the security thing under control. I take your point about having rules regarding profiles but I'm not sure how to 'encourage' ...
google the title of each post. They are dating sites. Might get more than you bargained for though.
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