permit me please but i want to try and clear up some past issues it seems if someone writes something that someone else doesnt like, sometimes the person who has taken a dislike to what is written gets emotionally charged to the point of writing angrily about the original writer If someone writes something you dont like, it may annoy you, it isnt necessarily being deliberately offensive , it isnt necessarily targeted at you people have a right to disagree with you, its not a personal attack on you because they disagree with you someone may be repetitive on the site, you don't have to read it, if you know someone is prone to it, then think twice about reading it through... getting angry is often not a good solution to an issue, anger is usually a temporary emotion, take a break rather than write something angry on the forum you can block specific people if you don't want to see anything they write two people can read the same words and react completely differently to those words... at the end of the day these are words on an internet page, they arent that important in your lives, your livelihood doesnt depend on what is going on on this site... someone disagreeing with you here isnt really going to impact your life in any major way... please put it in perspective where someone puts a point of view, someone may put a counterbalancing point of view, this is pretty normal in a healthy debate or dialogue... if you don't like people disagreeing with you, this sort of forum may not be for you its not about people feeling they are better than you because they disagree with you, its just they disagree, people arent necessarily trying to put you down by disagreeing with you... we all have slightly different opinions and experiences that can be contributed here to enhance peoples understanding around tramping. you aren't necessarily "wrong" because someone disagrees with you, we can agree to disagree and theres more than one way to go about things often... no one has a monopoly on knowledge. don't assume someone is trying to claim they know better, don't assume someone is trying to annoy you deliberately by disagreeing with you.. its a forum about thoughts and ideas, its not about personal one upmanship or point scoring... someone disagrees with you, thats all there is to it, dont assume they are angry at you when they disagree its easy to try and read emotions into things that are written when the emotion you thought was there actually isnt, you may be the only person expriencing that emotion based on a misunderstanding on how you perceive the words you are reading be kind be respectful. be positive talk it through.
be kind be respectful. be positive talk it through. Hey Wayno, you need to practice what you preach, mate. I haven't forgotten that time you kicked me off your FB page for basically just having an opposing view in a discussion we were having. No warning, no explanation, no nothing - just cut me off so I couldn't reply to you. That really told me a lot about you.
@gazcan thats off topic but theres usually a reason stated in my group rules that also state violating those rules will result in immediate expulsion because of the endless problems people created often hostility, irresponsible or false statements.. problems with a lot of people with anti 1080 views had me remove anyone who is anti 1080 because it would lead to hostility or misinformation being posted and wasnt worth leaving on the group. disagreeing with me isnt a specific criteria for expulsion actually, or it may have been a mistake at times i had to remove numerous trolls getting quite offensive and i have limited time to administer it. , there are 5000 happy punters in my group still. a lot who have been there for years, i spent a lot of time warning people and it never made a difference to their behaviour and used up too much of my time. although some people were removed because their only contribution to the group was to disagree strongly with what i said repeatedly.. if thats their only input to the group, then they get banned.. its pretty narrow behaviour to me theres a lot of other things they could write about but they chose to make me the sole target for their writings, and i choose not to have that happen on my group that i put a lot of time into trying to do positive things to inform people. admins have the right to let in the people they want and keep out the people they dont, they dont even need a a reason..
@gazcan i'm happy to give you the benefit of the doubt and put you back in the group if you want to PM me here your name on facebook , give it a bit of time and re request to join
I started a reply, and then deleted it. And then I realised that it is probable that others were doing the same. It seems to me there is little point as you come across as committed to transferring all responsibility for how people are feeling about your posts. Do you want to hear our input? I write this in good faith that you do. You make a bunch of good and valid points. At some point though you do also need to ask yourself if perhaps you too could make some changes. There is a swell of evidence - by people who generally come across as mature adults, open to differences of opinion (not, in short, the sort to need the "good" digital-citizen material you have shared) - that least part of the ownership for the misunderstandings is down to your manner. I can't talk for others. I don't tend to get angry and I don't mind repetition. What I have minded is being summarily dismissed by you. You have limited insight into my intellect and the breadth of my experience. Based on your post above you are perhaps sincere in wanting healthy discussion; but it comes across as your being convicted that you are right, and (this is the important bit) that others are wrong. It is simply unnecessary. I also value - to name a few - your passion for the outdoors, your sincere championing of mountain safety, the breadth of your knowledge and experience and your generosity in sharing. Having got to know your mannerisms I do think the community is - on the whole - better off for your contributions, and I have looked past the manner.
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I think I am giving an opinion based on my experience and what i've learnt. you give your opinion, maybe we agree , maybe we don't , i'm not necessarily trying to trump other peoples opinions and say my way is the only way, unless you start telling me some alternate laws of physics, a lot of what we deal in here is experience and opinion. i dont mean to sound like theres a right or wrong way, this may be how i do something if i convey knowledge about how i think, maybe i should say in my opinion IMO,, take it or leave it and i respect you for your opinion. i work in a job where i have to pay attention to detail and have to debate things in detail, it has to be addressed, ,perhaps a bad habit of mine. maybe it sounds like i'm trying to have the last word, i just like a variety of opinions voiced. its like the ultralight debate, i'm not saying its not valid to use it,,, personally i would only use it in limited situations, i have some reservations. others are more confident using it than i am in a range of conditions, and that's fine, they have every right to be, and good on them for being more confident than me... some might think i need to harden up and not being so reserved , they have their right to that opinion. i have the right to disagree, its not black and white... you fit one type of shoes i may fit a different type.. we're different and theres nothing wrong with that. i dont mean to sound like there is something wrong with it.
Please stop.
@gregor you have the choice to stop reading, no one is forcing you. people are free to speak here but so many all they are saying is you don't have a right to speak your opinion if i disagree with you or dont want to read it anymore, you choose to read or not read.. but are we going to sit here and force people to stop posting because some people don't want to read it? thats not what a forum is about. endless debate if necessary.. you can disagree but you shouldnt be telling people to stop, thats what they do in china, in russia and so many other countries in the world...

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Started by waynowski
On 16 October 2019
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