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Hi everybody, There have been no updates in awhile, so I thought I would let you know what's happening. Plans were held up recently by a switch to a new server. This demanded a full rebuild of the environment, but that process is now well documented should it be needed again. It has taken some time to stabilise the server, but things are looking good at the moment. The following changes will be delivered soon: * Shift the site "what's new" information from the home page to a link in the footer. * Redesigned members' and visitors' home pages. * Improvements and bugfixes of many, many edge cases for GPX file viewing. * Link between maps and elevation charts on GPX file pages. * Deep and fundamental changes to GPX infrastructure in order to facilitate future reuse of trail data. * New pages for national parks, conservation parks, and world heritage areas. Matthew
Thanks Matthew. It's a very minor thing but if you're rolling out another update soon, I've noticed that all the links in my RSS feed, since the end of September, seem to be pointing at new.tramper.co.nz instead of www.tramper.co.nz. It works anyway but it might not be what you intend.
So they do! Thanks for spotting that :)
There seems so much less traffic on this site than before. A friend was once very active here and it seemed a good source of information. I understand covid had its effects but aren't people still tramping? Is there an alternative location now for people to interact?
Facebook took some trampers online activity. There are quite a few facebook groups. Incessant spam took a toll as well
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Started by matthew
On 23 October 2013
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