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  • No "I forgot my password" link

    Sorry about that missing link. It's on the work list. A bit short of time at the moment.
  • Link to DOC alerts ?

    Thanks Bernie, that's fixed now. Alerts were not clearing out properly.
  • April 2017 updates

    Not as yet. We need it though, clearly.
  • Copyright

    A member notified me yesterday of a real estate agent using their image without permission. Any images you share here remain your property, although you can add a Creative Commons ...
  • Reactivating closed thread

    Auto-closed threads are now reopened. The only ones I've left closed are ones that were not constructive, and closed manually. Enjoy!
  • Forum spam

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    @Matthew - I'm guessing you've disabled hyperlinks in forums to discourage spam - fine idea, if so. But we seem to have lost all other formatting too - line breaks, ...
  • Overseas tramping forum?

    Happy to add these if you think they would be useful. Better to have fewer, busier forums than a bunch of empty ones. But I can certainly spin them up. ...
  • Articles on this website?

    I do like the fact that the most recent articles appear on the home page as you can easily see when something new is added. (although I have just noticed ...
  • January 2017 updates

    Fixed this bug plus one other. Thanks for reporting it!
  • internal mail fault

    Yep. Mail is all good now. Thanks :)
  • December 2016 updates

    Thanks @Yarmoss. That's a good example. I think the answer will be to add several photos at each insertion point. I'll look into it.
  • Photos on members' profiles

    Yep, seems to have been fixed with the updates overnight.
  • Internal messaging - option to edit?

    Thanks @Matthew, I think some of us have just gotten used to having the edit/delete option in social media. In saying that, what you suggest sounds fine but only if ...
  • Community values review

    I think the only bad part about them is the fact we have to have them in the first place but thats the modern way I guess. People didnt need ...
  • Can't login using Epiphany browser

    Assume so as every other login works - eg mapspast which requires cookies. Will doubke check and can have another go when I get back home Monday. Canand give you ...
  • Can't open some of the photos

    Thanks Matthew. Now that I know how, the search etc process is working fine to locate my photos & the "unreachable bug" doesn't seem to happen when opening them this ...
  • Website updates, July 2016

    I actually believe that community values have been needed for quite some time, and I believe all community sites would benefit from them. I think they work better than setting ...
  • Internal Messaging

    Thanks! Yes it should handle that better. I'll note it down.
  • Editing Forum Posts

    No error message, just no button to edit or delete (windows 10 and Chrome) No problem editing previously
  • Website updates, June 2016

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    @madpom ah thanks. Should be showing one or other, not both.
  • Visitors' Book

    Yep, all good - and I deleted a few repeats as well. Thanks Matthew.
  • Posting photos in a thread

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    I give up! I managed to fiddle around and get a dropbox link ending in jpg which works perfectly in Firefox and Safari but does not even display in this ...
  • Unable to post comments on "Articles"

    Tried twice to post a comment on an article written by a member but it came back with undefined undefined undefined... Is anyone else having this problem?
  • How to add photos to profile?

    ahaha thanks
  • A few ideas for the website

    If 'photo deleting' functionality is there I cannot seem to find it

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