Finally Made It To The Poulter Biv

A mere three hours from the Poulter Hut but a world away in terms of remoteness. An absolutely beautiful setting with the hut perfectly positioned to capture the views both up-valley and down-valley. Only 12 hut book entries for all of 2021 and half of those were day hikers. I walked up the river, which was easy given how low the Poulter is currently running (in fact, it disappeared by the time I got up to the bivvy). Then, just for a change of pace, I took the flood track back down. The flood track is no consolation prize - it's a lovely walk in its own right. Especially when it breaks into the open toward the lower end. Saw a whio on the way up and got swooped by the same long-tailed cuckoo both going up and coming back. Honora and Frank have recently done some clearing work both around the hut and on the flood track. Much appreciated.
Hi, thanks for your appreciation Bozeman. We created that track from deer trails over many years and finished it recently. Liz Wrightwick and Peter Umbers marked out the final segment to above the gorge which Frank and I then cut into a track. With all the deer trails going all over the show, it was a challenge figuring out which ones were going to work. Liz etc. and we think it is a beautiful track too. I love being on those open scrubby ridgetops. Frank discovered this deer superhighway around 1997. So good to see the track being used and enjoyed.
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Started by Bozeman
On 12 March 2022
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