Multi Day Hike for Kids

HI Trampers, I'm looking for recommendations for a multi-day hike. We are a group of Aussie mums wanting to take our kiddo's on a multi day 'coming of age' and 'bonding' hike when they finish primary school in Dec 2023. The kids will be 12 years old by then and will have plenty of time to prepare for the adventure. We are looking for something around 3 nights in length, changing scenery to keep the kids engaged, huts rather than camp sites, challenging but achievable. I've done the Routbourn over 10 years ago and i think something like it would be amazing!! thanks
What part of the country are you thinking? Some excellent options in Fiordland but if you live in Northland its 3 days each way to get there. If you live in Otago you dont want Coromandal for the same reason Better to choose something sort of local
Hi MumsinBoots The scenery on the Routeburn track in such a short walk is pretty hard to beat IMO. If it was me, I'd be choosing from one of the great walks (well formed tracks, easy transport options, support network, hut wardens etc) . If you don't want to do the Routeburn again, then some other Great Walk I'd consider are: - Tongariro northern Circuit (3-4days 45km loop) - Able tasman (3-5 days 60km one way) - Kepler (3-4 days 60km Loop) I would recommend the Heaphy (78km 4-6days), but you will need an extra day to keep the KMs down. It is my favourite NZ great walk due to the diversity in scenery and the fact that after the first day of uphill, it is downhill to the coast. It is partially closed at the moment, but would hopefully be reopen by December next year. If you have a bit of experience and are after more rugged adventure than a great walk, then something like Nelson lakes NP (Speargrass hut, Sabine Hut, Angelus Hut circuit) or the Gillespie Pass circuit could be what you are after? Cheers Moh. Some friends and I are doing a similar thing with our kids in September next year, but the 3 capes walk in Tassie.
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A trip I enjoyed with the kids was jetboating down the [Wairaurahiri](,167.34787&z=12), a night at the Wairaurahiri Hut, a night at the Percy Burn Hut, a night at the Port Craig School Hut, then out. We drove to Rarakau carpark, Bluecliffs Beach, [Wairaurahiri Jet]( met us with their vehicle there, drove us back through Tuatapere to Lake Hauroko, launched and then took us down the Wairaurahiri to the ocean. Two or three days walk with huts back to the vehicle. Sometimes muddy track, but some time on the beach with dolphins playing in the waves.
Some great advice. We are travelling from Australia, thus so overwhelmed with all the great options in NZ!
The greenstone/caples is a lovely 4 day walk for kids. The days are not too long, the track and huts are in great condition and have wardens in the summer. I have done this walk with my two kids and they loved it. Gillespie circuit is much more challenging and will depend on how experienced you and your kids are. Read the internet info carefully before committing to that. Definitely consider the Kepler. It's either 3 or 4 days depending on whether you want to walk back to your car on the last day or take the shuttle. The scenery on the second day is some of the best in the country. Even better than the routeburn in my opinion although I imagine that's controversial! Something more challenging but still achievable if your kids are up it is the Rees/dart. 4 days if you go straight through with the optional extra day trip up to the glacier.

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Started by MumInBoots
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