Mount Grey

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Tried to go up Mount Grey today. Nearly made the top of the bush when confronted by a fallen log just crawling with wasps. No way to cross it without exposing hands and legs to the inevitable. Even the rest of the track was humming with very little other wildlife. I hate wasps. Does 100% deet repel wasps? If not what does
Eucalyptus, citronella, mint. Or maybe it just makes them angry ?. Let us know ?.
Will probably pass on the citronella. Bought some citronella repellent on the west coast as we had forgotten to pack any. Excellent on sandflys but we got swarmed by bees. Eucalyptus and mint though worth a crack. Saw a few interesting behaviors from the wasps. First they seemed to be eating from the ground. More onimus though was a single wasp that stopped half a meter in front of me then flew back and forth rapidly 100mm each way. Looked to me something like calling the cavalry. I didnt wait to find out if I was correct.
I've heard talk of the first couple members of a group passing thru & 3rd, 4th, 5th on the track got stung. Probably prudent not to have lingered !. Red's not a good colour apparently. Peppermint scent gets particular recommendation.
Certainly that whole range is out of bounds for me from now till after the first couple of hard frosts
Can vespex by air dropped like 1080?
Nope, vespex needs to be put in those special enclosures to keep birds and other animals away from it. Any leftover after a week is taken away and disposed of. It's not possible to correctly dose it from the air.
I didnt see any vespex bait stations up there Is it still too early to hit them?
Is the land owned by Rayonier? They may not be baiting in the Mt Grey area. Bating is carried out when the wasps are feeding on protein which usually happens from late Jan to Feb and wanes out around mid April. So if they were bating you probably would have seen the stations. Nastly little suckers but Vespex is very good at knocking them out once they take it back to their nests.
Looking on Wams the start of the track is private property but most is Mount Grey forest park. Its a bit of a mess
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Started by geeves
On 6 April 2021
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