Portable music players

Hi all, Stretching the definition of gear perhaps, but, my trusty MP3 player has just sadly died. Having noticed people laugh at it more and more the last couple of years, for those that listen to music while tramping, what do you use? Seems like manufacturers these days want you to use your phone to listen to music. I'd rather preserve the phone battery for pictures & navigation etc. Not to mention my new phone doesn't have a headphone jack >:( I'm aware of the obvious "listen to the birds instead" answer, and of course, I do :) But like to listen to music some of the time while walking. Cheers!
Not fixable? What is it & what's the problem? I have a Sansa e200 mp3 player. It crashed a few years ago (rebuilding the database after loading some new podcasts). Resurrected after lots of googling, reflashing & rebuilding. I use it in the tent at night, not while walking (yeah, listen to the birds :)
Believe it or not but Walkmans are still available. Ones that play mp3's, obviously! I've got this one although I don't remember where I got it from (JB HiFi maybe?) https://www.phonetabletcase.com/sony-nwz-b183f-flash-mp3-player-with-built-in-fm-tuner-4gb?___store=nz Small, light, battery last for ever, and really hard to accidently turn on in your pack. I love it.
Many mp3 player options out there. Probably have to look and find a spec that works for you
Maybe fixable, don't know - it got wet (stored in the wrong place in the pack!) Screen is dead and audio is crackly. I might actually send it away to be looked at, but it is apparently $100 just for inspection. Had a look just on the Sony website for a new walkman and they were ~ $1,600! Jb hi-fi actually lists none for sale online, and seems like minimal choice in the whole country generally. Those little ones are cool but after more storage - think mine is 16Gb with an SD card as well.
old ipod classic, also grabbed a new ipod touch since they stopped making them and they are selling out. or you could use wifi or usb-c hearphones, you could take a power bank if you're worried about using up your phone battery.
True, usb-c headphones exist! I'd forgotten. Might be an idea.
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Started by Alistair S
On 9 June 2022
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