"Outside" Backpack

I have an "Outside" Backpack. It was made in NZ. A strong, single compartment large capacity canvas pack with a top pocket, crampon patch and not much else. Mine is a size 4 which is the largest at around 100 plus litres. Near as I can remember it is around 25 years old and while still serviceable after many long years tramping in Australia (where I live) and a couple of trips to NZ, it is in need of replacement. The much smaller Cactus Hector would be the current equivalent in style. Question 1: Does anyone know the history of this pack/company? Question 2: Would anyone still have a size 4 tucked away that they would be willing to sell?
It's a good question. My understanding is that they were designed by Rob Hall and (possibly) Gary Ball. The story I heard was that they took a Macpac design, stripped away everything unnecessary and beefed up everything important. Even if that's apocryphal, it's a fair description of the end result. They're fantastic packs. I bought mine in the late 80's; I've been looking to replace it for some time but can't find anything equivalent; so I just keep patching it up and continue to use it. There were at least a couple of designs. I don't think many were made but you still see the occasional one around. Thanks.
Twin Needle may be able to custom make you a pack. They were planning to offer this service at some stage. It may have been affected by the quakes like most things around here!
It has ben a long time coming but the answer was on Adventure Consultants | History | Rob Hall. "A natural progression for his design and manufacturing skills led him to work for New Zealand’s premier outdoor equipment company, Macpac Wilderness Ltd. Here he held a position for 4 years before breaking away from established companies to start his own brand when he began manufacturing in Christchurch under his own label ‘Outside’. The move allowed Rob more time to pursue his own climbing interests and was no longer limited to the 50 week working year." So our respective packs have some prestige.

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Started by jvangemert
On 14 June 2012
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