DWR Coating on Rain Jackets

Hi, I am in the market for a new rain Jacket for tramping. Ideally I would get something like the Earth Sea Sky Hydrophobia. But I am keen to get something that has a PFC free DWR this time around. It seems a lot of the large outdoor brands have initially moved to shorter chain PFC-DWR (C6) because these are less environmentally persistent, but it seems the plan is to phase the use of PFCs out all together in the coming years. I assume this is because while shorter chain PFCs are better they are still potentially problematic. At the moment, I can only find Marmot (EvoDry), Black Diamond (Highline) and Hunters Element Jackets that have PFC free DWR. Perhaps we will see more products that are PFC free in the coming years.... Does anyone have either of the Marmot or Black Diamond jackets? If so are they any good. I know both are short.... All my jackets to date have been longer, so I guess I am unsure about that aspect. Or the Hunters Element jacket? But its getting heaving at almost 1 kg. Also does anyone not bother with breathable jackets and just go for aqua flex or similar materials. Cheers.
I used non breathable jackets for a long time. They used to be all there was but I used them long after they were no longer fashionable. They work well but your sweat ends up in the clothes you are wearing. Back in those days wool was king and would happily soak up all that sweat and you stayed warm and dry. Wearing wool or merino under a non breathable jacket still works but can be heavy. Forget about wearing fleece under one. I learnt that the hard way. PFCs are bad for the environment and on the way out. However the non pfc repellant does not last as long so you need to redo regularly. Also gortex and event are also pfcs so you need to look at coats with a PU membrane. Once again it doesnt last as well and cheaper versions dont work that well either
I've got a longer length Marmot jacket made for the New Zealand market. I saw a new one in H and J Smiths this year I would have bought it if it were the right size. I've been using the Earth, Sea, Sky DWR on it which is solvent-based. Not sure about its environmental credentials though.
rely on physical vents for breathability, it trumps breathable membranes hands down
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Started by JustinW
On 9 December 2021
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