Robust Inflatable Sleeping Matt

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Hey everyone, I've been using an Exped Synmat UL 7 for the last three years and I've had mixed experiences. Firstly, using it is an awesome nights sleep and for it's size is an absolute luxury to carry! Although, the durability is pretty suspect. I've had three holes and the baffles have exploded so there is a big bulge at my feet. When it comes to replacing the matt, I like the small size in my pack (can't go back to a foam roll matt) but want something more durable! Any recommendations!
Exped gear should have a 5 year warranty so you can just contact them to get a replacement. My NeoAir has been replaced 3 times in 2 years (everyday use). I've seen lots of different brands of mats bulging, I think they will just all do it after some time and use (I counted about 150 nights before the NeoAir would develop a bulge or become porous, which is about 10 years of "normal use" at 15 nights per year).
""The ultralight fabrics are extremely lightweight yet robust. The abrasion resistance is high, puncture resistance is lower than with Exped's standard fabric.... Warranty for all UL products is 2 years"" Google says baffle problems with many brands of UL mattress is not uncommon. Accept the short life expectancy or go to something heavier ?. Personally, my Exped UL7 is still fine well past warranty. (shrugs).
My Klymit Insulated Static V is the most kick-arse air mattress I've EVER used! As a restless sleeper, I absolutely LOVE that the v-shaped baffles actually keep me on the mattress. All vertical or horizontal-baffled mattresses I just slide right off.
Ah, didn't know that they didn't cover their UL line as well, that's bad. Thermarest products have a lifetime warranty, and that's why I chose them :)
I've had varied experiences with mats over the years. My current mat of choice (last 3 years) is a Neoair Xtherm and I have to say it's fantastic with a very good weight to R ratio. I must say the Exped down mats give a good night's sleep, just got to be too heavy for me in the end.
Thanks for the feedback, I've decided (after talking with mates / reading this) that the matt is probably fair wear and tear... Heaps of nights out, wet, cold, hot... under a tarp, in a tent - the matt has probably had a good run and deserves to be replaced. Interesting comment about Exped being too heavy! Last thing I would have thought! Look forward to finding a lighter one!
Your Exped SynMat is lighter than the Exped DownMat. My SynMat UL Lite is only 380 grams.
I had a SynMat UL fail (granted whilst still under warranty), resulting in a cosy night on the ground mid winter in the Ruahines. Was replaced by Bivouac straight away, no questions asked. Replacement is now four years old and no issues.
Good to hear, hutchk, as my SynMat UL7 has just failed - popped a rail from head to toe. 18 months old so hopefully the Melbourne retailer will meet the warranty without too much hassle. Speaking of meeting a warranty, last year I bought a pair of Helinox walking poles. On this last trip, the pole (I only use one) snapped and dumped me in the Anatoki River (I was hot and sweaty; needed a swim :). I rang Helinox, explained the event. They apologised, said it was very rare and would put a replacement pole in the post that day. That's customer service! BZ to Helinox.
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