Buying merino gears in NZ

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Since a lot of merino wool comes from NZ, I was wondering if merino wool gear such as socks, hiking tshrits, thermal underclothes (not sure if thats the proper name in english) are cheaper in NZ. Are they? Is there any shop you would recommend? Im not looking for anything fancy, just functional (light, good in keeping heat and not absorbing much smell). Thanks =D
without knowing overseas prices I would say no Icebreaker is our best known brand but cheaper stuff can be found but you get what you pay for
In Canada and US expect to pay normally, USD100 for each long sleeve top or bottoms, IceBreaker base layers. In Europe (e.g. a Romanian store) they costed almost double... They come in 3 thickness and they are worth every penny (although I usually pay less, on sale), for thermal coefficient, odor free and not being scratchy. Sure you could go: a) Cheaper - it smells and it doesn't keep you as warm either. b) More high tech (E.g. I got some Mizuno base layer that claims to convert sweat into heat, except that the chief mountaineering guide on my Bolivia trip laughed at it and recommended instead IceBreaker...).
I've recently given up on Macpac merino undies. I'm lucky to get 6 months out of a pair before they fall apart. Tried Icebreaker just for comparison's sake - twice the price, but last easily twice as long. Something to do with quality NZ sourced merino having longer fibres apparently. As stated above, you get what you pay for.... Have also experimented with various "tech fabrics" over the years. Keep coming back to merino - for comfort, odor control and longevity I'm yet to find anything remotely close.
I know its wrong but I keep going back to cotton undies. I know cotton is verboden in the hills and the reasons why but they work they fit well and I dont care about the accidental shadow on my shorts for hours after a deep river crossing.
With you there @geeves. Cotton undies to tramp in & cotton shirt to sleep in. Tried all sorts of alternatives but for sheer comfort & coolness & not-sweaty-ness I come back to cotton as the only thing that works for those garments. Cotton sheet over those sticky DOC mattresses too ... if I'm feeling luxurious. I'll duck under the parapet now & prepare for incoming ..
given the small surface area of the body that cotton undies cover, I dont think "cotton kills" would be that applicable.....
One could say that one part of the anatomy likes being a little cooler
Thoroughly agree with cotton undies although I'm quite happy with a wool t-shirt for sleeping - just a thin kathmandu 'merino195' - unless it's a warm night. It doubles as an emergency extra layer for walking if it's really cold.
Thanks, Ill keep en eye there if I find some icebreaker in discount when Ill be in NZ =D
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Started by skijump
On 22 October 2017
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