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  • Dusky treck

    Your stories are amazing guys. Thank you.
  • Radio receiver for mountain weather forecast

    To summarise you need something capable of receiving SSB (also known as USB or BFO) including the 3345 kHz and 3261 kHz frequencies (Upper Side Band) of the North Island and ...
  • Who knows the Smith Creek Track (Tararuas)?

    For a major Tararua Route (The Southern Crossing) some sections of track from the puffer turn off to Dobsons is appalling compared to other popular access areas in the park. ...
  • Where to tramp in May 2018?

    Hi, I could have been posted on the wrong forum: Ideas and hints appreciated, thanks!
  • Tasman river crossing

    @rockman1 Looking at heading up around the end of Oct/early Nov. You may be there before me. Thanks radup.
  • Ruapehu RTM

    Was also on the mountain last weekend. Not much in the way of snow fall till Sunday night then it started and didn't stop before we went home on Monday ...
  • Which Party Cares?

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    I think Outdoors party is anti 1080. . Being anti poisons use is not a bad thing, but I think they believe the solution is simply ditch it and replace ...
  • Ground rules for threads?

    Excellent. Thanks for your ideas. I'll put this on the backlog.
  • Great walk in-season track closure

    DOC set their standards on the routeburn and great walks in summer for people who have a low level of mountaincraft skill, so they get the helicopter in to cater ...
  • When to branch a thread

    We have the branch topic option to avoid a thread endlessly going off topic. It's confusing when there is a heading for one topic and a whole page ends up ...
  • Backcountry hut pass and camping

    Note that the hut pass is not valid for car accessible campsites either. But it is at car accessible campsites around huts (eg. Trilobite Hut in Kahurangi). And yeah the Auckland ...
  • Getting to pinnacles with current track closures

    Kauaeranga Valley Road closed past the Visitor Centre. This road will remain closed past the Visitor Centre until Thursday 19 October. This is to allow extensive repairs and river works to ...
  • milford,kepler,routeburn out of season

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    @Pro-active Yes, big change from the conditions Yarmoss reported from up by Lake Harris last weekend, perhaps a metre and a half of storm slab added up high in the last ...
  • legal blah blah blah

    The intent is what matters. Taking a photo then some time later selling it is no different to giving that photo to someone else who sells it. I dont know if ...
  • great walks fees for foreigners up to double price

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    the interesting thing is you cant make money from video shot in national parks without their approval, and possibly a commission to them... not sure about photos....
  • Levin transport/car parking

    I've left cars at Poad Rd in the past with no issues. Often there are a large number of vehicles parked there. There is an inhabited house next to the ...
  • tender for paparoa track bridges
  • Abel Tasman popularity?

    that looks very nice on the Lockett tops . thanks for the pic. Definately great options up that way.I talked to Doc today and the guy said that all the ...
  • Flyable cheap hut design

    Brilliant! The best thing about this is you have someone with extensive outdoor experience building a practical low cost well designed shelter installed on private land. Avoids the tut-tut brigade! Anyone with a ...
  • Two new Great Walks

    its eco tourism on the conservation estate the dep of conservation are putting a large amount of their limited resources into eco tourism now at the expense of conservation because the ...
  • Tracks for trees

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    The track to Lake Kaurapataka on the west coast, just downstream from Otira has some great red beech trees. Nowadays we hear and sometimes see kaka in there too.
  • Tracks for bird life / song

    Leslie-Karamea has heaps of bird life. Lots of blue duck through the river, weka everywhere, kereru, kaka (we didn't see them but others did), kea (ditto), and kiwi (heard, not ...
  • Grey River area - Marlborough

    Thanks @Militaris any info would be appreciated. I've also got my old man doing some work on this but haven't heard anything back from him. I did do some online digging and ...
  • Mt Somers track

    There was 30cm ish at Pinnacles Hut after the last snowfall a couple of weeks ago but NW in the last few days has caused quite a thaw.I`d be happy ...
  • Montana Heritage Trail

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    Pararaha valley from Karekare is an easy 1.5 to 2 hr walk with young kids. Great spot to camp and explore.

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