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  • Holdsworth to Totora Flats

    The big thing is we walked past the sign on the gate without seeing it and I checked the Doc website when I got home and could find no warning. ...
  • COroners report on death on Mt Taranaki climb

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    The reason ive always encouraged people to do a snowcraft course, is that based on my observations of people I see on the slopes, neither ice axe or crampons are ...
  • Garston ski hut

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    never had that but have held a sock like a plate once. Gaiters were just as solid Them and the boots which were beside them on the hut porch were ...
  • Lake Quill

    From a book I got through Freecycle referring to Quill's climb of the falls : "Quill had to be a human fly to inch his way 1,094 feet up the ...
  • Stewart Island, Tin Range - Doughboy Bay

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    I went back to Doughboy and found where the track starts. It is in the logical place really. It starts at the foot of that WNW spur that runs off ...
  • Kahurangi NP in Winter

    I've met a guy in NW Nelson, surname Young?, who told me he's been all through that country in winter and climbed nearly every peak in Kahurangi and Nelson Lakes. ...
  • Pouakai Crossing $3.4m upgrade

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    i have nothing else to say about teh current govt than expletives, theres little good about what they are doing with conservation, any other political party is unlikely to do ...
  • Cattle ridge hut

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    Just the info I was looking for stunted thanks a lot.
  • Kaimais: Sentinel Rock track to Motutapere hut

    Yeah I found that: So I know the stream is doable, but it's not the right season to do stream bashing for me, it's getting too cold ;) I'll be going ...
  • Camping on the Kaweka tops

    @gaiters is spot on. I avoid the Kawekas during the roar, way too many idiots with guns around. Having said that, if you head north towards Kaweka North there's a ...
  • old Wangamomona Road

    This has just come from the NZ4WD association. There is more information at and It affects trampers and mountain bikers as much as 4wders. None of us can afford ...
  • Camp Creek Bivvy

    Came across a reference to Camp Creek Bivvy. Camp Creek apparently runs into the Te Hoe River. Can't find any reference to Camp Creek on topo map. However it is ...
  • the Te Araroa Trail

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    "North Bound" ?
  • rescue from five passes

    Sounds like the heli-pilot had a tough job, then, to pick up on Sunday in what sounds like an unpleasant clag. Good thing they had a PLB. Hopefully, we will hear ...
  • Lake Waikaremoana track closed

    The track is now partially open - great news! Last year I walked from Onepoto to Korokoro on day 1, it's a good climb up and down but quite easy ...
  • Coast to Coast: Christchurch (Waikuku) to Hokitika

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    Just back from a long winter working in the Canadian Arctic. While it was an exotic and interesting adventure, I missed my home a lot. NZ Tramper has really filled ...
  • Anatoki - Boulder Lake route

    .... and, yes, rest is the recommendation for shingles - he didn't get a lot of that !
  • Birthday trip

    Mount Arthur was my New Years trip but might be worth a geez and exploring a bit wider. I think the hot pool suggestion sounds the best option thus far.
  • Sudden Valley

    @Clint: cheers, and just to reassure you, it wouldn't take 4 hours in the dark but there might be some dark for the last hour or so if you leave ...
  • Looking for a less-beaten path

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    Above Welcome Flat Hut the Copland gets much less use. I'd guess that 20% or less than that of those that go to Welcome Flat carry on to Douglas Rock ...
  • Suggestion of huts with nice day hikes?

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    Let's not dis rail this person thread
  • Dulux hut.

    That was a hilarious thread on Permolat to read. So much conjecture and accusations of photoshopping.
  • Mt Richardson to Lees

    I did hear back from Sarah Ensor in DoC. She confirmed the Lees Valley address as being the replacement for the Grasslands one and asked me to try and ensure ...
  • Dogs

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    @gaiters: I feel your pain. My muttly did a bit of tramping with us and she was trained to ignore birds. We were rounding up the chooks once and she ...
  • Kauaeranga Valley tramping tracks damaged by storm

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