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  • Mt Richardson to Lees

    Thanks for that email address, Madpom. I'll send them an email to clarify what land that email address covers and whether it is the replacement email for the Grasslands contact ...
  • Dogs

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    @gaiters: I feel your pain. My muttly did a bit of tramping with us and she was trained to ignore birds. We were rounding up the chooks once and she ...
  • Kauaeranga Valley tramping tracks damaged by storm
  • Upper South Branch Hurunui Hut to Camerons Hut

    It looks as if they accidently went up the wrong stream, which made them climbed a few hundred m more than planned: They intended to try to get onto the the ...
  • Garry River Track (Missing Link Track)

    Thanks for that, Madpom. I've only been down to the Garry from the trig at Point 797. Another time a few of us went from Bob's biv down to the ...
  • Copland Track in mid-August

    Thanks! Guess we'll just have to be flexible and check with the locals before we go.
  • Red Mountain, South Westland

    Thanks Pageix. Much appreciated. Book ordered. :)
  • Tongariro National Park Management Plan partial re "Federated Mountain Clubs on NZ Support in part/ scope change Would like to review independent assessment of the design and environmental impacts that has been undertaken. Rationale  What is the primary reason for wanting ...
  • Worsley pass

    @madpom: I haven't gone from Worsley Pass to the Otehake but I've done it a couple of times from the Hawdon. So I can say that the route from the ...
  • Putara kaitoke record

    i felt exhausted just reading it....
  • Mt Taranaki Summit from Syme Hut

    @SimonS - We did this last year at Easter. We went from North Egmont to Kahui Hut, Kahui Hut to Lake Dive Hut, Lake Dive Hut to Syme Hut, then ...
  • Exhibition Drive in Titirangi may be closed

    its a great walk for the less physically able, one of the few flat bush walks in an area full of steep tracks
  • South West Cape

    Thanks for the responses guys!
  • Dart track to reopen

    ""26 January 2017: Ka Whata Tu o Rakihouia, Mt Fyffe track and hut Following the 14 November 2016 earthquake, the Kowhai-Hapuku route and Spaniard Spur track remain closed, as does access ...
  • Unknown Col

    Has anyone been over Unknown Col (between the North Mathias River and Unknown Stream) in summer conditions? Route guides describe a difficult waterfall on the Unkown Stream side as follows "downclimbing ...
  • Dulux hut.

    I think there have been several huts advertised. Dulux are supplying pain to DOC nationwide.
  • Moraine Creek update

    If anyone is thinking of heading up Moraine Creek, I can report that the track is currently in pretty reasonable nick. Aside from the expected scrambling, ankle rolling, boulder hopping ...
  • Old Ghost Road and MTBs

    @Aitor, that would be interesting info... please do share if/when you know.
  • Mt Richardson to Lees

    @madpom: I'm not very good at bothering to ask for permission. I think I've done this about 3x! The only time I was refused was from Jim Ward - mustering ...
  • To all the Tramper NZ regulars....

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    Damn, just cut mine. What a waste.
  • Dusky

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    Dusky for me is going to have to wait until the end of the season (30th April). I'm now working 10 on 4 off. Still plenty of time to get ...
  • Hopless hut and surrounds.

    Honestly can not say, but probably did.
  • Camping on the Travers Sabine

    Thanks for the pointers, ended up camping at John Tait above the river the first night and at Blue lake as the hut was full of TA walkers. Other than ...
  • Add on Sugarloaf/Rockburn to Routeburn?

    Thanks for the additional clarifications. I'll be saving the multi-day alpine routes for a future 2nd trip to NZ when I've got a trail buddy and higher chances of good ...
  • Locke stream to Thompson - Ranger Bivvy

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    @biship thanks for that, very useful photos cheers

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