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  • Old Ghost Road and MTBs

    @Aitor, that would be interesting info... please do share if/when you know.
  • Mt Richardson to Lees

    @madpom: I'm not very good at bothering to ask for permission. I think I've done this about 3x! The only time I was refused was from Jim Ward - mustering ...
  • To all the Tramper NZ regulars....

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    Damn, just cut mine. What a waste.
  • Dusky

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    Dusky for me is going to have to wait until the end of the season (30th April). I'm now working 10 on 4 off. Still plenty of time to get ...
  • Hopless hut and surrounds.

    Honestly can not say, but probably did.
  • Camping on the Travers Sabine

    Thanks for the pointers, ended up camping at John Tait above the river the first night and at Blue lake as the hut was full of TA walkers. Other than ...
  • Add on Sugarloaf/Rockburn to Routeburn?

    Thanks for the additional clarifications. I'll be saving the multi-day alpine routes for a future 2nd trip to NZ when I've got a trail buddy and higher chances of good ...
  • Locke stream to Thompson - Ranger Bivvy

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    @biship thanks for that, very useful photos cheers
  • Five Passes Hike

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    Awesome, thanks for the replies. I'll either use my spare day up or pull out down from North Col, depending on where I've got to at the time.
  • 4-6 Day Tramp with Easy Access

    I did the north-south traverse of Nelson Lakes within that time span. Fly Wgtn-Nelson, bus to St Arnaud, local cab to start of track, maybe Speargrass or Angelus Hut that ...
  • Ideas of treks to learn basic mountainering skills

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    All right guys. Thanks for your answer ;)
  • Severe weather warnings in place

    Being at work in Auckland doesn't seem so bad this week...
  • Don't get jealous, ok?

    The road up to Percy Saddle and back would be OK on a mountain bike and give you access to lots of neat alpine lake country. From the saddle down ...
  • Alternative to Five Passes: solitude and scenery

    Thanks for the suggestion lewshaw. The forecast isn't looking great at the moment, but hoping it improves over the next week before we set out next weekend!
  • asking questions about NZ walking tracks

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    There's plenty of wilderness out there. I've been to huts that have had no visitors for 8 years (Ant Stream biv) and 5 years (Back Basin Hide). I know there's ...
  • Cattle Ridge Hut Tararuas

    We popped in a few weeks ago. It wasn't locked or anything but there was a bunch of building materials stored inside and around the hut.
  • 10 Days in May - Travers-Sabine?

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    Yeah. It's odd. Wading through it over the saddle, from an overnight drop. Cross over to the West Sabine side and zilch !.
  • Two weeks in April, where to go?

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    You got waynowski on a bad day. However at the start you were talking about hiking for days at a time so the advise you got was based on that ...
  • Couldnt find track to Mackintosh Hut - Kawekas

    classic, looking at that old map, we must have been within a few meters of finding that track up on top
  • Overnight tramps by public transport

    Arthur's Pass National Park is easily accessed from Christchurch by the Greymouth bus. Mt Taranaki (I think there's a shuttle from New Plymouth, or else main bus routes get you ...
  • ArĂȘte forks hut

    Good job! Arete Forks Hut really is a top spot. A couple of tips; Following Merv Rodgers, I've dropped off the knoll just north of point 1313 on Tarn Ridge ...
  • Camping in lower Rockburn?

    Thinking about a round trip Lake Sylvan - Rockburn - Sugaloaf Pass and back with the kids, what is the flat on the lower Rockburn downstream from the Sugarloaf Pass ...
  • Beech hut 4wd drive track

    Good on ya madpom cheers.
  • Five passes or Gillespie & Rabbit Pass

    You've only got 5 days, yeah? That's the absolute bare minimum you need for Gillespie/Rabbit Pass... 5 days of perfect weather! It's essential to have good weather for the crossing ...
  • Maungahuka hut with a dog

    Go in via holdsworth do the loop via mid waiohine and Neill forks avoid the ladder that way.

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