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  • Want to buy Craigiburn?

    Yes, the stations were intended as a source of funding for the University of Canterbury. I've been reading a wee biography of Perrine Montcreiff. She bought a few reserves with her ...
  • What's the most useless piece of kit you've carrie

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    After a very kind forum contributer gave me the reflective stuff, I've been applying it to markers on trips where I frequently walk in in the dark.... I've been very grateful ...
  • carribee packs?

    Comfort would be getting the right fit/size to match yourself, venting between the pack & your back, & how comfy the straps are. Should be sitting on your hips, ...
  • Which Pack to Choose?

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    Love the reviews: "great for commuting to work in miami. hopefully will never need the airbag" :)
  • Ruapehu RTM

    Was also on the mountain last weekend. Not much in the way of snow fall till Sunday night then it started and didn't stop before we went home on Monday ...
  • Emergency Foods?

    @Richbonn Yes, it is quite clear that each packet supposedly serves 4. But I also noted the serve weights, listed seem a little on the light side. However is this ...
  • The First Time, no not that, Tramping.

    Overnight, first time was to old Dobsons hut I think, in the southern tararuas. About age 13. we were typical hoons from upper hutt. Dobsons suffered a lot from school ...
  • Missing Mongrel Mob now a real hagiography

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    One of them sounded like a nice kid, his sister met us & thanked us all for helping search. Regardless of what the other had been up too in his ...
  • Which is the best water filter to buy

    water filters are made in places like america where they are paranoid about filtering water when its not always necessary. friend did the 350km john muir trail and never used a ...
  • Which Party Cares?

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    I think Outdoors party is anti 1080. . Being anti poisons use is not a bad thing, but I think they believe the solution is simply ditch it and replace ...
  • Where did Kreig go?

    He's having a break from the forum. Sometimes people need a bit of time out.
  • Instant Kumara Mash

    I saw a recipe the other day for pancakes made from mashed kumara, flour and salt. Possibilities there too and even for a kumara gnocchi. I found a recipe for ...
  • Hacks for lighting fires in adverse conditions

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    You can - and I've used them previously. I used to have wood heating so had a ready supply of fire-starters (now, new house, no wood heating, gas bbq). However, ...
  • Ground rules for threads?

    Excellent. Thanks for your ideas. I'll put this on the backlog.
  • Great walk in-season track closure

    DOC set their standards on the routeburn and great walks in summer for people who have a low level of mountaincraft skill, so they get the helicopter in to cater ...
  • Rahui placed on Kaimanawa search site

    To echo something I've just posted into Wayne's NZ Tramping News group, I've looked up the LINZ data. I'd assumed that the park boundary was State Highway 1. According to the ...
  • Electric undies

    The website states up to 8 hours before needing to be re-charged. Bit difficult in the middle of nowhere and no electricity supply. Curious about how much weight the electrics ...
  • When to branch a thread

    We have the branch topic option to avoid a thread endlessly going off topic. It's confusing when there is a heading for one topic and a whole page ends up ...
  • Backcountry hut pass and camping

    Note that the hut pass is not valid for car accessible campsites either. But it is at car accessible campsites around huts (eg. Trilobite Hut in Kahurangi). And yeah the Auckland ...
  • Getting to pinnacles with current track closures

    Kauaeranga Valley Road closed past the Visitor Centre. This road will remain closed past the Visitor Centre until Thursday 19 October. This is to allow extensive repairs and river works to ...
  • Routeburn September 2017

    As Kreig said, Hollyford to Martins Bay. As I said above, up the Routeburn to Routeburn Falls and back. From the Divide to Howden and back or continue down the Greenstone. Greenstone ...
  • milford,kepler,routeburn out of season

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    @Pro-active Yes, big change from the conditions Yarmoss reported from up by Lake Harris last weekend, perhaps a metre and a half of storm slab added up high in the last ...
  • Search Function

    Sorry should be working now.
  • DexShell waterproof socks

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    Thanks for the info. Can't help you much with the boots, but I prefer something with mesh panelling. You can see the water squelch out with each step. ...
  • legal blah blah blah

    The intent is what matters. Taking a photo then some time later selling it is no different to giving that photo to someone else who sells it. I dont know if ...


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