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  • Macpac Wanaka Tent User

    Kiwi Camping have a good range of affordable tents for all occasions. They would be my first stop for tents designed for NZ conditions.
  • Sock Liners

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    Picked up some Bridgedale liner socks and just come back from doing the Tongariro crossing. They work as advertised ... hats off to you Honora. I didn't leave them in a ...
  • Waterproof Tarp for NZ rain

    Thanks for the original link, I didn't realize those guys delivered to NZ, or least didn't when I looked to order something from them a couple of years ago. That Tarps ...
  • Webtogs website and day track.

    Thank you so much all your reply... I appreciated your suggestion.
  • 'Definitive' Gear List

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    FrankB : ... because with out them you may as well just set your own arse on fire. ..... just had to laugh :))
  • Rain jackets for Routeburn track

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    the rab kinetic is actually waterproof
  • Which Pack to Choose?

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    Sounds exciting!
  • Colin Rolfe

    He sounds like a delightful character and a big loss to all who knew him. Not sure what the natural causes were but extreme training can sometimes lead to hypertrophy ...
  • Buying merino gears in NZ

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    2 other places for cheaper Icebreaker gear in Wellington is the Bivouac outlet store in Willis St and Gordons at the bottom of Cuba St and at their outlet store ...
  • Boots?

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    Yes, steer clear of Gri Sport boots if you you intend doing a lot of off track walking. We have talked about boot durability on here many times before and ...
  • carribee packs?

    Thanks everyone, really good advice. I haven't yet tried one on but if it fits I will get one. The price and capacity is ideal for me. $150 ish now. ...
  • What's the most useless piece of kit you've carrie

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    After a very kind forum contributer gave me the reflective stuff, I've been applying it to markers on trips where I frequently walk in in the dark.... I've been very grateful ...
  • Which is the best water filter to buy

    water filters are made in places like america where they are paranoid about filtering water when its not always necessary. friend did the 350km john muir trail and never used a ...
  • Hacks for lighting fires in adverse conditions

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    You can - and I've used them previously. I used to have wood heating so had a ready supply of fire-starters (now, new house, no wood heating, gas bbq). However, ...
  • DexShell waterproof socks

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    Thanks for the info. Can't help you much with the boots, but I prefer something with mesh panelling. You can see the water squelch out with each step. ...
  • Tent ideas

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    One issue with NZ conditions is that for single skin tents (waterproof breathable fabrics) our climate makes this breathability really poor. I guess it's the relative humidity combined with cold ...
  • What's your favorite...?

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    Between me and Frank we carry 3 lighters on our trips.
  • Boonies Kaimai boots

    Boonies is slang for boondocks. Interestingly this is a Tegalog word from the region around Manila. It means mountain and is bundock in their language. I often tell Filipinos (and ...
  • Heating Gear

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    Surely the restaurant you are taking with you will generate sufficient heat?
  • rather than tents lets talk about poles

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    In May 2011 I attempted an unofficial record on the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia, a 1000km hiking track running from Perth to Albany. I trained 6 months solid for it, ...
  • Wood stove to heat tent or tarp - anyone?

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    @mariku: How are you going with the tent stove project? I hear Aarn Tate is also working on something like that. There is a material known as a welder's blanket. That ...
  • Garmin InReach Explorer+

    Don't rate the gps in the original Delirme ones. About as good as a mid-range Garmin. Nowhere near as sensitive or fast to lock as my qstarz. Maybe the new ...
  • Pack repair, ChCh

    wow, never heard of them, thanks
  • Actually waterproof jacket

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    I've tried many jackets called waterproof and came up to the idea that if it doesn't let the water form outside, you are just gonna be wet because of sweat
  • Why Cotton Kills, A Technical Explanation

    yeah I havent owned any cotton pants since I was a teen. three teens were lost in kahurangi in winter, two of them died, the ones who died were wearing ...

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