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  • Which Pack to Choose?

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    I had a lovely pack for 65L which served me for years, but I always wanted to have a bigger one because I couldn't pack my mat in and had ...
  • Actually waterproof jacket

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    I've tried many jackets called waterproof and came up to the idea that if it doesn't let the water form outside, you are just gonna be wet because of sweat
  • Why Cotton Kills, A Technical Explanation

    yeah I havent owned any cotton pants since I was a teen. three teens were lost in kahurangi in winter, two of them died, the ones who died were wearing ...
  • Small hiking boots

    Hi, I haven't found any adult ones but there are a few children's options available - just compromise on the quality and the choice. There are about 5 or so ...
  • Macpac Sample Sale tomorrow

    Hey just a heads up to anyone in Christchurch the Macpac Sample Sale is on tomorrow (Friday) from 9-3pm. There will be plenty of packs, down, rainwear, merino, fleece, soft ...
  • PLB which model chose?

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    We hope that what ever you purchase you never have to use.
  • Hike Formthotic innersoles

    Has anyone tried these and are they any sturdier than the Run Single or Run Dual Blue/Green innersoles? I use those in my trail runners and they have great arch ...
  • Robust Inflatable Sleeping Matt

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    I know. I'll upgrade when mine stops being so freakin' awesome! ;)
  • 48km in a day, HUGE thanks to Gaiters!

    I agree. Not submersible, but held up to a decent downpour on Stewart Island the other day.
  • Baby Carriers

    Yeah we actually went for the next model up from the possum just because it was on special. The pack works fine. But like you said the sunshade and rain ...
  • How do you store your water bladder?

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    Yep. A combination of water and electrolytes. When conducting heavy, sustained exercise.
  • Kathmandu best stories

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    if you have any intelligence you can sift out the shallow bad reviews from the good ones and there are plenty of good in depth reviews around. I"ve been colating ...
  • warranties

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    Is anyone here a member of the Consumers' institute? Strictly speaking you could take a retailer or manufacturer to court, but chances are many retailers bank on that being too much ...
  • problems when not taking enough gear

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    Oh! To be that young and fit again.
  • How many packs do you own? Be honest now!

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    I can't say I have ever had any problem with chest or any other straps, more like to wear through the bottom due to dragging the rear end over rocks ...
  • Aarn Tents

    Received email with this link if any one has an interest.
  • the bomb shelter pitch for tarps

    @Honora not only wet but also having it take off like a kite in some of our winds.
  • Advice for slippery soles

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    more ankle flexibility and lighter weight, making it easier to walk faster and cover more ground if thats your aim... if you're on a big trip on rough ground carrying ...
  • Boot help!

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    @Mosley If you're still having trouble afterwards I highly recommend dropping the 30 bucks on the Ergo patches as a last, last resort. Worked for me the one time bending ...
  • How to identify nz made macpac tents.

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    Many outdoor brands advertise designed in the UK, US or where ever, with smaller writing identifying where it was made. To be honest when buying a car I'm perhaps interested in ...
  • Buying A Tent Online (From Overseas)

    Torpedo7, Zempire Atom, 30% off until midnight 7th Feb = $175
  • Summer sleeping bag advice South Island

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  • What type of socks with trail shoes?

    I find it hard enough getting size 13uk / 14us footwear... Must really be a struggle to get size 16. Due to have size 13 feet, I never had the ...
  • Tramper newbie needs advice

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    Interesting about the lack of a vestible. Of course with a fly you can cook under shelter but if there were winds, it would need to be pitched lower as ...
  • hydrostatic head ratings

    I think using a groundsheet underneath is a good idea to help keep your tent floor in good order. We use a cut open big orange MSC pack liner. It ...

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