Hut guessing game

Thought it might be a bit of fun to post photos of random huts, then allow others to try and guess which hut it is. Feel free to add your own hut photos. Here is a hut to get things started. Should be quite easy. Hut 1.
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Hut 4 hut 5 hut 6 hut 7 [IMG][/IMG] (not really huts but if you extend the height so you can stand up DOC classifies them as huts!!!
It's a variant of the SF40 but without the fire and has the porch space incorporated for extra space. It smells beautiful, has silken smooth wooden flooring and is painted a cheery yellow. Note the curtain. There are numerous accessories e.g painting, grater, egg beater, emergency dry underwear, toaster, and a library of the most boring books you could imagine e.g volume 1 of the biography of Harold Wilson, etc. etc.
I love the old late 50's 4 bunkers!(SF40) More so than the B49's that you crawl into after a hard day on the tops! Im going to build my dream home the same design as these early huts!!!
6: Sparrowhawk 7: Kylie Biv
Hut 8: Saw the inside of this one on the web the other day and recognised it instantly. Can you?
This photo will give our ages away. Does this hut still exist. Im sure i visited it back in 1969.
At a stab is that Shutes Hut?
mitre flats hut?
Reminds me of Stanfield Whare, but I dont think it is.
Not shutes (or any of the other above) - though Shutes would be a good iconic one to have put there instead. Bout the same age though (inter-war)
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