Hut guessing game

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Thought it might be a bit of fun to post photos of random huts, then allow others to try and guess which hut it is. Feel free to add your own hut photos. Here is a hut to get things started. Should be quite easy. Hut 1.
Lake Daniels?
I concur. I havent been there but recognise that jetty
Yeap, its Daniels.
A couple more - For some reason I have few digital photos of huts... So decided to steal a couple from this website. Hut 2 (High profile) Hut 3 (hard - madpom should know this one because I stole his photo)
Fishtail Hut. Lovely Spot! I'll come up with one as well for yuz.
Lakehead Hut is the hut 2.
Alrighty. This is a sketch of my favourite hut. cheers,
Pen sketch by Honora of Big Tops Hut (yes, that's a vacuum cleaner)
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Started by militaris
On 18 May 2009
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