Hut guessing game

Thought it might be a bit of fun to post photos of random huts, then allow others to try and guess which hut it is. Feel free to add your own hut photos. Here is a hut to get things started. Should be quite easy. Hut 1.
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Clark Hut, Fiordland
Heres Hut 9:
One of my locals, Hurunui Hut in the Kaimais.
That was too easy, can anyway guess what hut this partial exterior shot is of.
Well its not a n.Z.F.S hut sooooo I take a stab at Routeburn Hut
10: Another wild stab -- Is it one of the 3-storey millionaire private batch & BBQ mansions that people drive 4WD's up the river to in the Orongorongas? Okay, more of a gripe. :-P
Pinnacles Hut???
Try this one. Might be a bit hard because I think this hut has been removed now. There is a clue in the URL
Old Jubilee Hut?
Not too far away, think colours of the rainbow
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