Where is this?

Bit of a challenge since we can't go bush. Where is this photo (winner gets to go next). http://qrp.nz/system/images/6/IMG_20200319_172300_original.jpg Hint: the fenceline is the clue
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OK, have a guess. If not correct, I can at least indicate direction and/or distance. 3rd hint : the peak behind (and left) of the one you need to name is technically a mountain.
Based on the clues. Were on devilskin saddle. Peak is devils rampart. Behind is mt Technical. And I'm stuffed if i know what the double peak on tje horizon that isnt cook or earnslaw is!
In the right area - the peak to name is East of Devilskin. The double peak is Gloriana - so that should give a couple of lines that intersect (roughly) at ....
So the far peak being Faerie Queenie and I'm guessing the peak in the left background of the photo is Mt Technical? Based on that I'm thinking the peak you're after is Mephistopheles? Although I'm not so sure as Faerie Queenie looks a bit far away for that. @Madpom was right though the bush line definitely puts this around Lewis pass area.
Mephistopheles it is, supersnipe - your turn. Taken from Faust after traversing the Libretto Range. The double peak on the skyline is Gloriana with Faerie Queen a little to the right - about 25km from Mephisto, I think. We finished this 6-day tramp and hit civilisation to discover the impending shutdows, rescheduled flights, squeezed in another 4-day tramp and scuttled back to Aus (asymptomatic to date).
Another one in the South Island. Hopefully an easy one, or maybe not? Name the hut. https://tramper.nz/files/objectversions/28136/IMG_20190727_165221.jpg
Youngman Hut (Puketeraki). It's a wee picture!
Right click your mouse on the picture. Top of the options might be "Open image in new tab". Either left or right click on that option. Voila !. New tab opens, filled with that picture. Or did you mean, the picture looks good to you at the moment ?.
Looks nice in it's new paintjob.
Correct Honora, your turn. Photo taken about August last year, right before a very mild night for the time of year. There was no snow at Tarn Hut either.
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