Where is this?

Bit of a challenge since we can't go bush. Where is this photo (winner gets to go next). http://qrp.nz/system/images/6/IMG_20200319_172300_original.jpg Hint: the fenceline is the clue
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@supersnipe: were you going up to the Pancake Range when you took that photo? @pro-active. Thanks for that. It did the trick. Now I have to give it a go. ![](http://roddus.blogspot.com/2013/03/koropukubig-tops-hut-16-17-march-2013.html)
First hut I could guess from looking at the photo...
Ummm, one can see the name of the hut in the link :( I think you'll need to upload an unnamed photo and link to that.
Oh bugger. That feat took me about half an hour to acheive.:frowning:
... and, in the lockdown, you have so many other things to do? :smile:
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Where am I going to find an image file that isn't labelled by the name of the subject in the photo and ends in .jpg or something similar? Can I use photos from my laptop somehow? This activity makes me grumpy. It's so frustrating trying to find out how to do it.
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I took a photo from my laptop (renamed it a.jpg) and uploaded it to this website (menu - photographs - add yours!). Then, viewed my profile, my photographs and scrolled to the last page and selected the photo. Then right-clicked the photo and copied the address. Finally, pasted the address into the forum post. Agree, tedious. But ... what the hell :smile:
Also bear in mind that hut has it's name on a panel on the front of it! You can't make it out in the small embedded image but when you blow it up it is easily readable. I guess something for everyone to be aware of if they are posting images of huts for us to guess.
If anyone wants to go next and post a picture & challenge, please go for it. Otherwise I guess the game has run it's course.
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