Where is this?

Bit of a challenge since we can't go bush. Where is this photo (winner gets to go next). http://qrp.nz/system/images/6/IMG_20200319_172300_original.jpg Hint: the fenceline is the clue
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With Boil the Billy hut in dire need of saving, a few km down the far side ... Now back to @proactive's challenge ...
Who owns Boil the Billy Hut? Isn't it be a private one?
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Boil the Billy & Slip Flat are both on DOC land. But not acknowledged or maintained by DOC. So unless theres some agreement about them (like Orongorongo cribs, Nevis baches) they should be public. No signs on door to indicate anything of the sort.
More luxury at proactive's hut than Boil the Billy !
You have an eidetic memory ???!. I'll post 2nd pic tomorrow, once the snow has stopped falling.
There's got to be a 'morning after' .... http://tramper.nz/files/objectversions/28141/20161020_135004_stitch.jpg http://tramper.nz/files/objectversions/28140/20161021_070555_stitch.jpg 'Right click' image. Select 'Open image in new tab' to do it justice. edit: Sorted then - Luxmore Hut on the KEPLER track.
Have actually been to this one! (As I imagine many folks here have.)
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Hmmm, so we all seem to know the hut but nobody's naming it - think the idea of the game has been missed!! It's Luxmore Hut on the Dusky Track (there, see, not that hard :) For those watching, have a guess, interact, do some research (if you're not busy) and work it out. I have to say that the Tassie guys on bushwalk.com are way ahead - give them a snip of skyline and they nail it first go (usually). Try this one : name the lake and/or the peak http://tramper.nz/files/objectversions/28146/b.JPG
It took me a bit of time. Initial thoughts were of Lake Alta in the Remarkables with Single and Double Cone at the back. Checking my photos and maps etc, it didn't add up. After following up on a couple of other options, i was going to give up. Then out of the blue, an image of Sunset Pk popped into my mind. It's Fohn Lake on the Five Passes route. To the right is Corinna Pk 1852m.
Spot on, aardvark - and a lovely camp it is, too !
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Started by madpom
On 26 March 2020
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