Where is this?

Bit of a challenge since we can't go bush. Where is this photo (winner gets to go next). http://qrp.nz/system/images/6/IMG_20200319_172300_original.jpg Hint: the fenceline is the clue
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Bridge over West Sabine River near West Sabine Hut. Couple of staffers at St. Arnaud VC reckon won't be too long until the new bridge is washed away, too.
That's the one, gregor - your turn. I happened by the day after the new one was opened - not expecting, but pleased to arrive at the hut with dry boots. This is the 'new' bridge, opened in Feb 2013 https://tramper.nz/imgcache/13/13154-feature.jpg
In my defence I count everything between the Waitaki & Cook straight as 'Canterbury'!
Hmmm, why do I not remember the old bridge — should have been over it at least twice! Memory must be going in my old age.
take more photos :)
Your turn to post a photo/challenge @gregor - if you're keen
New rule: If there's no activity on the thread for 24hrs then the current photo challenge lapses and anyone can post a new photo and start a new challenge So go for it
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Ok Then. Name the saddle I'm standing on (or the creeks on either side of it, if you prefer) https://tramper.nz/imgcache/28/28160-feature.jpg
Scott Saddle - it's been on my list for ages. The rough plan was up Scotts Creek, traverse below Bonpland into Sleepy Hollow then over the ridge and down Glacier Ck. Maybe next year :(
Too easy eh? View in other (north) direction is of Mt Earnslaw - even more obvious. Next please!
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