Where is this?

Bit of a challenge since we can't go bush. Where is this photo (winner gets to go next). http://qrp.nz/system/images/6/IMG_20200319_172300_original.jpg Hint: the fenceline is the clue
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Queen Victoria's letters reveal she was indeed besotted by Prince Albert. Her friendhip with John Brown developed when she was a widow.
Stepping back about 15 side-tracks. I notice that Redcliff Hut appeared on DOC's maps at some point during lockdown (so maybe DOC Te Anau follow tramper.nz!). I further notice that there was a Redcliff Hut in DOC's hut data (from koordinates.com) prior to lockdown - but that it had the wrong grid reference. The grid reference it had was ... Te Anau Visitor's Centre! A location it conveniently shared with Forks Hut.
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Boundary Creek hut?
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On 26 March 2020
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